Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wherever You Hail From...

today everyone is Irish!

My father was born in Portugal,
my mother was born in Brazil,

my husband's parents came from Hungary,

but today the world celebrate's
Saint Patrick's Day!

There are parades taking place the world over,

people are celebrating,

bagpipes are playing,

... some are dancing,

many are eating corned beef and cabbage
for dinner

and eating Irish soda bread,

washing it all down with green beer!

Why did you know that even the
'King' of rock & roll was Irish?

Wherever your family originates from,
may you dream of the Emerald Isle

and all it's beauty,

may the Leprechaun

lead you over the rainbow

to your very own pot of gold.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

(photos courtesy of google images)


  1. Happy St. Pat's to you, Diva! Beautiful pictures. :) I am a little bit Irish (from my Dad's side of the family), and so today we will be having all of those things, except the green beer. I see no need to put green into a perfectly good beer. LOL! Have a wonderful day! xo Pam

  2. Diva ~ Sending you special Irish Blessings this St. Patrick's Day (and always)!

  3. What a lovely post! Happy Saint Patrick's day to you, Sweetie! I'm Italian myself, but today I'm all Irish! I wish you could come eat some of my warm Irish soda bread and dance with me in my kitchen too! Have a fun day Diva! xo's Paulette

  4. Hello
    Happy St Pat's day to you too!
    Great Irish post.
    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. What great images. Makes me want to leave right now for Ireland. And the stupidity quote...hmmm, I may be able to relate to that. lol
    I have to try that kill 'em with kindness thing you got going on. My Taurus instinct was to kick him in the shins. LOL


  6. You did a super job covering all the St. Patrick's day things. Your family has a lot of different parts of the world in their genes.