Monday, March 29, 2010

Only One Reason...

 is good enough for me to consider
posting twice today. The amazing Ces
from 'Ces and Her Dishes'
has bestowed on me the very
 precious 'Renee Award'.
I am so humbled by this that I'm not
sure that I can adequately
put into words how I feel at this
To be given two awards in one day
is momumental to me,
that they both honor our dear Renee
is beyond my wildest dreams.
I feel as though I am on a precipice
and that I must walk gingerly
lest I fall short of this honor.  I pray
that with God's help I will
be able to remain focused on the
path ahead for I have some incredible
footsteps to follow in!


  1. Diva, I feel this to be a special award ~ to be given to bloggers who spread love and inspire others. You most definitely spread love and inspiration through your blog. You are very deserving of this award and I congratulate you.
    I have met the most amazing, kind, sweet, loving fiends through blogging. It has added so much to my life.
    Have a Blessed Holy Week, Diva.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Oh, Diva! You so deserve this award, and it makes me so happy! :) Ces knows what she is doing. :) Congratulations!!! xox

  3. Congratulations Diva! I am sure you are deserving! Two awards in one day. Awesome!

  4. thank you for the reminder...i have given my youngest son to god for him to watch things did not go as i would have planned and i have had to ask my delicious sixteen year old to leave my home for one week...he broke an important contract with me and has chosen a path i do not understand. i put him in my god box...i have to leave him there and trust that god has a bigger plan....a better plan...i pray for him...thanks again for the reminder....i am sad today

  5. Diva amor, I am sure you completely deserve this award and so many more :) I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with sunshine...I am finally back to visiting my favorite blogs, we had alot of family things going on for a few weeks there, I am slowly getting back in the groove of visiting everyone...I have missed your lovely blog...I come back and you have not 1 but 2 awards! Yay! So deserved I say :) Thank you so much for visiting my lil blog and I am soo happy that you like it as much as I love it :) I guess change is good :) Have a lovely week amor! Besos, Rose

  6. Wonderful and such an honor! You are such an amazing person and deserve so many of these awards.

  7. Hi Diva. Thanks for stopping by this morning. It means so much to have us in your prayers.

    What a beautiful talent you have. I can't imagine you ever being fearful of showing your beautiful work, but I can understand. Your paintings are full of spingy goodness.

    And congratulations on your awards! Without a doubt you are so deserving. Thanks again for caring about me. You're always so loving.

    Hugs...Tracy :)