Thursday, March 25, 2010

Subtle Changes

                ...are taking place outside, but you really
               need to slow down to notice. If you look towards
      the sky very carefully way up into the trees you can see it.
I know it doesn't look like much, in fact it's
barely visible but look a little closer...

there, can you see it now?
The trees are actually beginning to bud!
Look, even the forsythias are starting
to bloom!

I'm so excited I'm tickled pink!
Oh wait,
that's just my spring allergies :)
...but I don't care, I'm willing to bear
all the sneezy, wheezy, itchy teary eyed
 symptoms if it means we are closer
to warmer days!



  1. Yea, warmer days soon to come!

    Coordinator for The Artistic Mother's Art Goup

  2. Me, too! I am willing to sneeze as long as it stays warm and sunny. :) I can't wait to garden! xo Pam

  3. I just love the beautiful colours of spring!! xxoo

  4. Just your spring allergies! Girl, you are too funny. Spring is springing ... at last .. !!!!! YeeHaw!

  5. I don't envy those of you with Spring allergies! I have a friend who can barely open her eyes come Spring because of all her allergies, poor thing. Isn't it a wonderful feeling, though, knowing that Spring is here and Mother Nature is already starting to show it? I was surprised yesterday when I looked in my flowerbeds at the front of the house and saw my yellow and purple crocuses all in bloom. They don't usually bloom until April because we usually still have lots of snow in March but this year it's so different. No snow and flowers blooming in March...never thought I'd see the day! lol xoxo

  6. a gorgeous day again today in sunny california....a bit of rain...alot of sun...i walked the dog along the is grand...thank you for the reminder! slow down? hmmmm....not a strong point...but better today!

  7. I'm with you! I am so ready and already starting to sniffle.

  8. Forsythia, Bradford Pears, and Cherry trees are the foot soldiers of spring!

    When I was a kid we had forsythia lining one side of my yard. When it bloomed it was like sunshine.

    This was a great reminder to slow down! Although if I get much slower.... :)

  9. I too am starting to see nature's change, and my throat is too. But, I welcome the green and the warmth and can't wait to get in the garden.

    I visit by way of Kathy's Cottage and would like to invite you over to my blog for a 200th post giveaway! Please do drop in if you can.

  10. so nice to see signs of spring! yesterday we had some flurries but spring is a fickle pickle so i wasn't too surprised! LOL