Monday, March 1, 2010

Can You Hear It???

  It's the Sound of spring!
This morning when I opened my door
 to retrieve the morning paper
 I could hear a subtle change in the songs
the birds were singing.

 You could almost tell they were celebrating
 the sunshine this morning.
After several cloudy and snowy days
they were no doubt happy
to see the sun make an appearance.
If I am to be honest March is probably my least
favorite month. While our family celebrates
several birthdays and an anniversary in March
I find myself wishing we could just
 fast forward to April.
I think because I am so anxious for
spring by this time, March
just seems to drag it's feet.
While I wait for the snow to melt,
(photo from the weather channel)

I see lots of this...
and this,

which leads to this!

Now I fully understand that these conditions
 have been a part of the arrival of spring,
in like forever,

but I don't like it!
And don't even get me started on the windy days,

('Windy Day' by Gilbert Stuart)
It often makes a March day feel colder than
it did in January.

I do concede that I will have to put up
with all the wind and mud if I hope to see
the greener pastures of spring,
(courtesy of Country Living magazine)

but I don't have to enjoy it!


  1. Yea. Spring is on the way! But I, like you, do not enjoy the mud! Hurry up April.

    Trudy of The Artistic Mother Group

  2. Yes, spring does bring mud and melting snow and even winds (which month doesn't bring something we aren't crazy about?), but it also brings shooting bulbs and fresh green and blossoms and colour and happy bird songs! Even my cats love it!

  3. Simply keep dreaming of comes closer with every day!

  4. We don't have mud like that because the soil is so sandy and it drains away. BUT we still get muddy paws across tile floors day in and day out.

    And you know that wind you were writing about? Here in flat-as-a-pancake Delaware, we call it the Delaware Breeze.....all year long.... ;)

  5. I got a laugh out of a couple of those photos! We are having spring weather out here already. My almond trees are beginning to blossom and several other trees are getting buds on them. I wish I could send some of my weather to you so you could skip all the bad stuff.

  6. Great post. Though we have had sunshine the adobe mud here is soooo deep. YUCK! But have been enjoying the humming birds, doves chickadees etc. The wild turkeys are out and about and our "chicken" hawks are courting one another. I agree...APRIL is the one.

  7. I, too, stepped out this morning (around noon - that's my morning..haha)and heard beautiful spring songbirds that I haven't heard in a while and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! They were saying, "Spring is here." Even the slant of the sun says Springtime...Sun is going down later also. I love it.

    Thanks for blogging about what I exactly felt today also.


  8. I love your post and the song! And I agree with you! I can't wait for spring the birds are singing. They are waiting as well as we all are.

    Thanks for stopping by and your inspirational words.

  9. I am waiting for my robins. Once I see them, I'll know for sure. I'm with you about March, but I tell myself, it's just a few short weeks and then glorious Spring with its warm days will be here!!! Yippeeeee! xo Pam

  10. LOVe green. Thanks for posting all the wonderful green..