Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're Celebrating

my sweet husband's birthday today!
He is my soulmate, friend, companion, partner
in parenting and I am blessed that
he is mine.

(sorry this pic is two years old)

Bill and I met just over 20 years ago,
a time when we were both single parents.
It was something new to him but
 I had been raising my two boys alone
for ten years by then.
I have to tell you that after
that amount of time alone and
finally getting back on my feet after
my divorce I had no intentions
of remarrying.
God had other plans!
Bill had two sons, I had two sons
and two years after we married
our son Alex was born.
Talk about starting over...
but that's a tale for another day.
All I know now is that I can not imagine
my life without him or our
boys, so glad I didn't close my heart
when God gave me the gift
of this very special man.

    Happy Birthday sweetie!!!


  1. sweet blessings!
    Wish him a Happy Birthday!!

  2. Wish your husband a Happy Birthday from me! You two look very happy!!!

  3. Such a sweet love story, the two of you are!

    Happy Birthday, Bill! And many more!!!

  4. happy birthday to your husband!


  5. Hi Diva! Happy Birthday to your dear hubby! What cute photos. You're all adorable! Have a fun day! xo Paulette ;)

  6. Happy birthday to your beloved! What a sweet surprise to catch a glimpse of you both. Thank you! :D

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! What a beautiful couple you are!! xxoo

  8. Happy birthday to your hubby! What a blessing to celebrate together.

  9. You are a very fortunate couple and I wish you all good things. Happy Birthday!

  10. I'm so happy for you both. Happy birthday to your husband. God is good.

    Coordinator for The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  11. What a beautiful story of your love! You make a lovely couple, you two! And you are truly blessed to have found each other!

    Happy Birthday to your husband.

  12. Best wishes two both of year for many more happy years of bliss.

  13. happy birthday to your sweet, sweet mr. everything!!!! i loved seeing your are such a cute couple!! enjoy your celebration, diva!! :))

  14. Here's sendin' your sweet Hubby a big old Ozarks "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You have a beautiful family sweety.

    Have a fantastic day filled with blessings and birthday celebrations!!! :o)

  15. What a sweet post. It is true....we never know what life will bring us and to have an open mind and heart when unexpected treasures present themselves.

  16. Such an amazing love story. You have given me such a smile seeing you all so happy.
    Happy birthday!



  17. happy birthday to your sounds like you are both very lucky to have found one another...god is wonderful!!!

  18. Happy belated birthday to your husband, I'm so glad the two of you found each other.

  19. I just emailed you about this story and here it is!
    so, so similar are our stories.. Joe & I both had two children each from previous marriages and we have one daughter of our own ..
    Diva, your photo is beautiful.. see how your eyes sparkle as he kisses your cheek? mine do the same. we are both very lucky to have such wonderful men in our lives. I am blessed as you are too xoxo
    [thanks so very much for being supportive of me over the past days, without the love and care of my blogging friends, I think I would have gone insane!)
    you are a blessing in my life xo
    a Happy Birthday to your man, Bill :)

  20. your right , they grow up and change so fast. It wonderful,amazing and sad all at the same time. Nice pictures.
    Nancy Jo

  21. How wonderful, I just love the romantic story of you two meeting!!! Happy Belated birthday to your hubby, sorry, I am a little behind in getting to visit all my blog friends!!! To your sweet son too, love the pics of you two dancing! I am always so encouraged when I hear that other people have children that belong to youth groups, my children sure loved theirs!!!
    Margaret B