Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Love of Green continued...

      I thought since spring seems to be on everyone's heart
I'd share a few more of my green collectables,
after all green is the color of spring right?
 This is a small Hall pitcher,
I love not only the color
but the simple lines!
I also have a few of these Hall pieces,
you may remember them as
they were quite popular as service
pieces in restaurants long ago.
These old pyrex bowls are among
my favorites, very simple with
their primary colors.
Even the basic colors in this old
measuring spoon set
can make me smile!
Love this piece too!
This old salt crock
not only has the delicate
handpainted flowers I love but
also my basketweave pattern.
As you can see here my love
of vintage combines with my love
of green.
One of my favorite all time finds was actually
something I purchased for my husband.
When we first bought our cabin
getaway he expressed a desire to
 have an antique light fixture to
place outside the barn.
I knew immediately that I had to hunt for
the old barn lights that were also
used in many old gas stations and I
found one just like this!
(photo courtesy of ebay)

Isn't it beautiful? I have since gone on to find him
two more that are quite similar
in style in exactly the same luscious green.

Until the trees bud and the grass
greens I'll have to remain content searching
for more green to add to my
growing collection.
It's the scouring and hunting that are
half the fun...gotta run
the local thrift store is calling me!


  1. Diva, this is a wonderful collection of green things. I LOVE the Hall pitcher and the light for the barn. You have found some real treasures along the way! It is fun and satisfying when you find that special piece you are hunting for.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Oh how I want to get back in to collecting. It's not actually the collections that I love; it's the thrill of the hunt! I love the kitchen tools.

  3. Hi....ooooo, I love green, too!!!! It just makes me want to jump up and shout. All your pics are wonderful.

    Barb ♥

  4. i smiled.....really BIG....when i saw your pyrex bowls! my mom has a set just like them!! xox, :))

  5. You have some great finds there! My mom used a set of those mixing bowls for years. I wish I still had them!

  6. That light fixture is so cool!!
    I love all the fun colors you showed today. My favorite piece is the first pitcher...I love the shape and color.

  7. Diva amor, what beauties your greens are :) Hope you had fun at the thrift and found some lovely new treasures! Thank you for visiting me and leaving me such sweet comments, I am only sorry I haven't done the same with you and so many of my other lovely friends...how I have missed my visits here and I am trying to "snap out of it" and get back to my life :) I look forward to more visits :) Besos, Rose

  8. I forgot to tell you, I would love to see some of your bebe dolls :) I love them. Besos, Rose

  9. Hi Diva. It was so nice to hear from you today. Thank you for your supportive words.

    Love all the great pictures. I'm really starting to love the bright primary colors. Shoot, I'm just all over the map.

    Hugs Sweetie....Tracy :)

  10. Holy Carp and Flounder! I'm coming to live at your house! I love your stuff!!!!!!

  11. green is my favorite color too - great stuff!

  12. What a wonderful collection of green. The Hall pitcher is perfect ~ love the color!! The light fixture is pretty nice too!

    I have two sets of those pyrex bowls ~ they're some of my favorites too ~ and the little measuring spoon set is nice. I've never seen a set like that before.

  13. Hi Diva,
    Love you kitchey stuff, the colors from the 40s/50s are so happy to me. I have my mom's pyrex bowls, & a couple 'hall' pots. That measuring spoon set is so cool, never seen one like it. And that comment is 'straight from my heart'. LOL Lisa

  14. My dear Gram had a measuring set just like that! I had forgotten about it until I saw yours...thanks for the memories :)

  15. Hello, my friend -
    Can you tell that I'm browsing your blog today? It's a stay-at-home, stay-inside morning so I decided to go back and see all the things I have missed before I 'found' you. And I'm loving it! I collect yellow and I have some of the same Hall pieces in yellow. Love you old things and that gas station light is great!