Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well Here Goes Nothing...

 as promised I have decided to be brave
and share some of my art work
with all of you.
Please keep in mind that
these are scans of copies as I have always
donated the original to the Art Auction
or to the church directly for their use.
this is a watercolor of the Barnegat Lighthouse
a local landmark.

a watercolor of daffodils
As you can see between copying and scanning
some of the vibrancy is lost.
Both of the original pieces sold
at last year's auction.
watercolor/colored pencil of a cardinal

watercolor/colored pencil of a goldfinch

watercolor/colored pencil of a bluebird
These three birds were made into
 notecards and sold to raise funds
for our mission trip, the originals sold
at last year's auction as a tryptich.

watercolor/colored pencil of tulips

watercolor/colored pencil of pink daisies
watercolor/colored pencil of teapot with roses
The three previous flower pieces
were also used as gift cards the year
before and the originals given
as a gift to our Youth Minister.

While I know the quality of the reproductions
is not great I hope this gives you an
inkling into the sort of work I do.
If you're still with me after this I'll
show you more pieces tomorrow :)
and guess what???
Yet another award came my way
today, LV from 'Thoughts From Meme's Corner'
shared this lovely award with me.
This has just been the most amazing
week and it's only Tuesday!


  1. Hi Diva!
    Thanks for your comment about my post today. Actually THANK YOU for all your comments!!! I know I've been a terrible bloggy buddy but am going to try and be a little more social. I spend way too much time in my own head ;-).
    Your art work is BeAUTIFUL and rich in color.
    Have a great day! And God bless,

  2. i love your work...just beautiful...xxx

  3. I think your artwork is just lovely!! You're blessed for sure to have such talent. I'm a sucker for birds and flowers! Thank you for sharing with us!! Maybe you can sell some of your notecards on your blog?

  4. Very much enjoyed seeing your artwork...each one is lovely. The lighthouse is my absolute favorite if I had to be pinned down, but it's a tough call. Congrats on both of your awards!

  5. You are a talented artist! I love what you've done. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

  6. Wow, Diva! Your work is fabulous! I especially love the birds and your flowers. :) You shouldn't feel shy about showing us such lovely pieces!! Congrats on the award - you are indeed a sunny spot here in Blog World. :) xox Pam

  7. Your art is wonderful! No need for bravery....you should be proud of these. I love the birds and the teapot.

  8. i'm so glad you showed us your beautiful paintings.....and i love having my little birdie note cards that i won in your giveaway! they are such a treasure!! xox, :))

  9. Diva, Lovely!!!! More please!

  10. Diva amor, your creations are just BEAUTIFUL and I am STILL with you! Please share more, I would love to see anything else that you have created :) Besos, Rose

  11. Beautiful artwork, and what a blessed way to share it. Jackie

  12. Congratz on the award!!!
    And your work is just lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Like I said before, you have talent!! I was in awe of the bird paintings you did when I received them on the notecards. I love the flower paintings, especially the ones in the pots, watering can and tea kettle.
    I know we all look forward to seeing more of your work.

  14. Your artwork is beautiful! And, of course, I especially like the bluebird! :)

  15. Thanks for sharing - I love the teapot with roses!

  16. Congratulations on another well-deserved award.

    Beautiful watercolors!

  17. yeah girlie!!! what a week indeed....thank you for being brave and sharing your work with us!!!
    your monsters will be there soon...they are the lucky ones!
    with love and admiration

  18. Your art work is beautiful! I'm so glad you shared it with us - keep it coming!


  19. ackkk! The Barnegat Lighthouse! I love it... My sister has a place on LBI, so this lighthouse is special to us. I love your work, and understand how difficult it is to share such a special, personal part of yourself in such a way. But you should! It's beautiful :)

  20. Diva, You have been blessed with such a gift...and as with all true gifts, it's rooted in your heart. You can see the passion you have for your subjects.

    I can't pick a favorite. They're all so special! The narcissus is new to me, the lighthouse too. I really enjoy how you can bring us the world through your eyes and that your eyes are so embracing of all they see.

  21. have read the past few posts, catching up.. you are so incredibly talented!!! I love the daffodils and the little birdies, they are beautiful..

    so glad that you are in my life ~ through blogging ~ thankyou ox