Thursday, December 26, 2013

Belated Christmas Wishes

This sweet little face has brought so much joy and love to our entire family! Jacob celebrated his first Christmas this year at 9 months. After seasons of loss this sweet new life makes my heart happy, my first grandchild has renewed in me the magic of the season. My husband and I were truly blessed this year having all five sons, their wives and girlfriends here for Christmas Eve. Of course this little angel stole the show and everyone's heart. Knowing that all my boys have their own lives and new families and in-laws to share these holidays with I count myself truly blessed that this year they were all home. I know that this won't always be the case, families grow, traditions change and new ones are made and I am ok with that. After all I raised them to do just that, move on, make their own homes and families and I am so happy that they are happy. What more could a mother want for her children! That said I know that this year was a gift I will always cherish. My prayer for each of you is that you experience this same love with your own families and friends. Whether near or far these connections are what matter most, embrace them, tell folks you love them, spread love and joy as you move through your days. Sometimes family is what we are born into but sometimes it is those we surround ourselves with, so no matter who you consider family I wish you all a new year filled with many shared and loving moments!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Where the BLEEP have I Been???

Not sure where the time has gone, or why i decided to check out this blog. It's been some time as you can see, I haven't posted since my sister passed away. It was such a life changing time for me, so huge that I seemed to fall down 'the rabbit hole' as it were. Life continued as it does but I seemed to be viewing it through some distorted lens. Slowly the passage of time and the life changes that occurred over the last two plus years have lifted me out of that darn hole. Don't get me wrong, the pain of my sister's abscence is still with me but not nearly as raw as it was.
I spent some time checking into some blogs I followed and see that some of you are still here and that some of you stopped posting as well. It would seem that the ebb and flow of life affects us all. I hope and pray that any of you still here reading these words are well, that God continues to bless each and every one of you. I am not sure if I should continue on this blog or perhaps start a new one. So many changes have taken place over the last two years. I guess it will depend on if anyone is still reading so perhaps I'll check back and see if there are any responses over the next week or so. In the meantime, love to you all!