Monday, March 15, 2010

Look What I got...

my wonderful mail lady came to my door
today and delivered the sweetest thing,
Cori from 'Creativity Amongst Chaos'
sent me this adorable quilt pattern!
Isn't she just so sweet?
I am currently redecorating my sewing room
so as soon as that's done I  have a new project
to work on.
You can visit Cori's blog at
 she does the most beautiful work
and you'll enjoy your visit!


  1. what a sweet surprise!!! i just love all of those happy little'll have fun making this!! :))

  2. That is a wonderful surprise for anyone. How lucky are you. Anything to do with a quilt, I like it.

  3. Very sweet pattern! You'll have to show us when it's finished.

    And yes, I often garden in white gloves and heels, thank you very much:)

  4. Loved the gardening post! Aren't some of the pictures we see in magazines amusing? Have a blessed week! Jackie

  5. You have a sewing room! Aha! I'm learning! Will we get to see before and after photos? Please, please, pretty please!

  6. What a lovely surprise! You'll have fun making that.


  7. Cute pattern - lucky you! I'm in the process of redoing my sewing room, too. Hope we get to see photos of yours. I didn't take before photos of mine but will share after when I get done - IF I ever get done!