Friday, March 12, 2010

More Country Living

 Since it's raining here today and the weather
is too cold to contemplate gardening
I thought I'd share some images from
 Country Living Magazine...
let's take a stroll down the slate path

and enter through the garden gate

or this one if you prefer.

enjoy the gardens

using old tea cups to hold bird seed is a great idea!

how about using an old cracked bird bath as a planter?
I actually have hens & chicks planted in mine!!!

I've also used this idea, planting in an old rusted out watering can.

let's pick some fresh vegetables

and sit at one of many outdoor tables...

when we're done with using our tools we'll store them safely in the shed.

perhaps you'd prefer this one,

or how about this one?

Before we leave we should take some time to sit and visit

on the front porch.

Now while all of these photos are dreamy
none of them is my yard,
but I promise as soon as it warms up
and things are planted that
I will take you on a tour of my own
Until then, dreaming of the outdoors will have to do!


  1. How on earth did Country Living get photos of my garden entry (photo #2) AND the pathway to my shed (last shed photo)???!

    I'm honored you would include them in your post as inspiration....

    Thank you, Diva!!!!!

  2. Hi Diva! I would love any of these backyards. :) Mine is not really a 'garden' but a huge expanse of grass. I'd love a more intimate space, but it would require a lot of work on my part! LOL! I'll just try to plant some flowers. ;) Happy weekend - xox Pam

  3. What wonderful pictures, I just wish my yard looked like one of them. I liked the little tea cup on the post for bird food-what a cute idea. Hope you get to enjoy your garden soon.

  4. I've entered your name into my draving Diva! ;) Thank you sooo much for stopping by. I loved looking at the pictures of all the gardens. Beautiful!


  5. Lovely images all...I particularly like the dining alfresco pictures and the beautiful blue gate to enter the garden by. Hope that the rain subsides so that you may enjoy getting outside again.

  6. Another CL fan here... These photos are gorgeous! I want my gardens to look like these. Ah well, maybe when the kids are a little older :)

  7. I LOVE the wonderful pictures! Can't wait to be able to get outside again and see the beautiful colors of Spring!

    Blessings on your weekend,
    I hope you have a bit of sunshine soon to brighten your day!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I'd love to do all of these in my yard and garden but don't think it's possible. I love your idea of planting hens and chicks in my old birdbath - I have a pot of them that I need to plant and wasn't sure where I wanted to plant them. Now I know. Thanks for sharing from your yard.

  9. What a lovely post! I subscribe to Country Living and enjoy it as well, but seeing your photos here reveals it to me with new eyes! I simply LOVE the teacup bird feeders on those chunky stands. . .and the floral birdbath. . .so very pretty!

    Enjoy a blessed day!

    LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

  10. What gorgeous pictures! ... Isn't that magazine just the best!!! ;) Paulette