Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks For All The Encouragement have all been so kind and
supportive as I take my baby
steps to share my art work!
Since alot of what I have done has been
for the church
 (where I feel safe by the way)
I'll show you some other pieces
I have done for the Art Show & Auction.

this is a watercolor of the jetty on our beach
I apologize that it's so washed out.

another watercolor
still not the best color quality


The last two birch watercolors were
sold as a pair last year,
the other two sold as singles.

Each Year our Church celebrates
with a Strawbery Social in June,
I worked these last two pieces for
the cover of our weekly bulletin
and for advertising the event.

this graphite drawing is entitled 'Strawberries & Cream'

this was the same still life done in prismacolor pencils,
it's a little hard to see the nuances in the lighter colors.
The Color piece I donated to one
of our Pastors who runs the social
and the graphite piece sold at this
year's auction.

Thank you all again for your


  1. Your work is gorgeous! I'd love to see it upclose and in person. The strawberries are so life-like that I can almost taste them. Love the contrast of the black and white with the red - it's breath-taking! Keep using your talents. God has blessed you with something special, my friend.

  2. Your pieces are beautiful! I love the soft feeling of each one. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I love the birch watercolors. Just beautiful. My favorite is the strawberry picture. You really captured the colors of the strawberries. Keep them coming!!

  4. Diva - these are just lovely. I especially like the trees and the ones of the strawberries. I hope you get this comment, Blogger is misbehaving and won't let me post! LOL! xox Pam

  5. Your pieces are very beautiful.

    Coordinator for The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  6. I can feel the spray of water in painting #1. I can smell the salt in the air.

    And in both birch tree photos, I can feel the cold crisp air. Everyone has rosy cheeks and when we exhale, you can see our breath.

    You take me places with your art.

    The last two are so different than any of your stuff I've seen this far. I like the shape of the glass bottle against the shape of the bowl. Juxtaposing transparency with something so solid gives someone like me a lot to pause and consider.

    Red is my favorite the strawberries really catch my eye.

    Seriously, this is how my mind works.

  7. Oh my those strawberries sure do look good enough to eat! I can't understand why anyone this talented would be shy about showing her work. Go girl - you are an incredible artist.

  8. What you shared with us today is great and I am sure you will have no trouble selling your work. Good luck.

  9. wow///gorgeous////love the

  10. Beautiful Diva. Don't be shy about sharing!

  11. Oh my...what a wonderful treat was waiting for me over here. Diva, these are completely wonderful. I scrolled down to read all about the "show" which benefits the kids going on their Mission Trip. What an inspired idea.
    But back to your beautiful work, here. I'm so happy you shared it with us, because it is stunning. The birch trees and the birds below are my favorites. Keep up the good work. : ) And thanks again for sharing!

  12. fantastic! you are talented, no doubt about that.. now, pat yourself on the back and say out loud :'I am an artist' xoxo

  13. Your art is wonderful!!!

    Love your pieces! Have lovely day!

    Lots of love love for you and sunshine!


  14. Diva, your artwork is LOVELY! Do keep sketching and painting...we all shall look forward to ogling over future pieces!

    Blessings to you...