Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung !

 It's amazing how with just a few warms
days the garden seems to awaken
from it's long winter slumber.
My helibores made their appearance
over the weekend,

the grape hyacinths are showing off,

the tete a tete's are lifting their faces
to the sunshine,

and even the mini irises are poking
their heads through the mulch.

Some gardening magazines recommend
starting dormant bulbs in the fall
to be enjoyed in the spring.  While
I have done that, sometimes
I want a little instant gratification.
Our local florists sell spring bulb
arrangements such as these

for a hefty price.
You can even buy them ready to go
from your local florists.
I buy my spring bulbs from local fundraisers,
they are already sprouting
and I just pop them into my favorite containers
and cover with moss to hide the pots.
It saves me a bunch of money and then after
they're done blooming I plant them
in my garden and they graciously
reappear next year as you can
see in the earlier photos.
may your days be filled with
blossoms, sunshine and the blessed
renewal of the season!


  1. I SO enjoyed catching up over here today. What a sweet post about your "baby", below. I also loved reading about your "love story" after being single for 10 years. It put a smile on my face. : )
    And I got a kick out of your "Gardening is not for sissies" post. Man, you've got that right!!
    Have a great week,

  2. My helibores and daffs are blooming too, along with the crocus and hyacinths. Oh how I will miss spring here at the cottage. I shall just have to make sure that I have new bulbs to enjoy at the new place! Happy Spring to you Diva!

  3. First of all, I like your arrangement of the flowers better and your container is WAAAAAAAAY better than those in the other photos.

    My tete a tetes are up, other narcissus and grape hyacinths. I don't have iris of any size.

    Before you know it the menfolk will have to mow the lawns!!

  4. Wonderful flowers of spring! The only blooming flowers for me are the ones I see on blogs and I am soooo ready.

  5. do hellibores usually flower in spring? here they flower in winter..
    and I love grape hyacinths.. that purple is the most exquisite colour! i have lots of them in pots..

    [I am doing well, dear Diva.. not long now til the results and then I will know where I am ;)

  6. Hi Diva! What stunning flowers! Things are just starting to pop up through the soil around my house, but we're not quite here yet. Your photos are sooo beautiful! xo's Paulette

  7. Wow, so many wonderful flowers already. We have to wait until April here in New England, although I did see a few daffs springing up. Those baskets are amazing.

  8. What beautiful flowers to start off Spring! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I really appreciate your advice and friendship I felt in your comment! Everytime I try to point out that I'm not trying to start anything, just accomplish something....well, it just gets worse! Again, Thank you and have a Wonderful Day!

  9. Beautiful flowers.. that's my favorite part about spring..

  10. I love the bulbs coming up every spring. It surprises me each year and is such a delight.

  11. Smart they are all stunning!!! I love pretty! Your spring seems to be popping a bit faster than ours! Beautiful hon!! Hugs, Sarah

  12. these photos are beautiful! i cannot wait for all of my flowers to just burst into color. so happy to have found and to be following your blog. thank you for the inspiration! happy spring! xoxo, juliette

  13. Oh I just love those bulbs. Every year I swear I'm going to plant them so I'll have blooms for spring, then time slips away & it's too late. What a great idea for some spring sweetness, easy too. Thanks. Lisa

  14. These bulb pots remind me of being back at school and my nana's house. Brings back such memories.
    Thank you for sharing them. Beautiful!



  15. Thank you for your comment regarding our Razberi. She has gone to dog-heaven now --- we miss her still. We have her daughter and granddaughter as our pets now. But even though we have them, she is still keenly missed. I wish pets had a much longer life span!

    Blessings to you this Sunday!

  16. What beautiful flowers! Just stunning!