Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

to our sweet friend Renee,
as she celebrates her first birthday
in Heaven in the presence of our Lord.
We all miss you so.
To read alovely post from Renee's dear friend visit


  1. Happy birthday, dear Renee. You are so missed. xoxo Pam

  2. Yes...happy birthday to Renee..what a beautiful soul that one!! I miss her so!
    I have posted something for her too. I have left you a special award there..hope you will pop by and snag it!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  3. Renee was so very dear. I hope she is having a wonderful journey now, in heaven~

  4. Hello Diva! Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is nice to find a birthday greeting here for Rene. Then I looked around and you don't have the Renee award. I think that is so wrong for someone whom Renee called "dear heart" not to have a Renee Award. I see Renee on your blog, I think it is only appropriate that you should have the Renee Award. So will you please accept an award from me? I am delivering it to you personally here through this comment. Happy Birthday to our beloved Renee.

  5. What a precious post. Happy Birthday, dear Renee.

  6. after my past few weeks with the scare, I read this and see how blessed I am...
    I didn't know Renee.. it is always difficult when someone passes but I find just that little bit more difficult when it is a blogging friend.. not sure why.