Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Of Our Local Talent

was showcased last weekend at our church.
This year was our
Third Annual Art Show & Silent Auction.
It is a fundraising event that I started
to raise money to support our
Jr. & Sr. High kids on their
annual Mission Trip.

These are just a few of the kids who helped out last week.

To share how this all started I have to tell
you quite honestly that I can not sing
a note! I love music, am in awe of
people with any musical talent,
sadly that is not one of my gifts.
Our church has an amazing music program
with several different choirs, handbells,
organ, trumpets, even a contemporary
christian group.
I got to thinking one day about how
while I couldn't sing or play an instrument
that God had given me other talents,
art being one of them.
So I set about praying and asking God
to use my gifts for his Glory.
Well as He often does He whispered an idea
into my head and the Art Show was born.
I figured I wasn't the only one in our
congregation that had any artistic talent
and that perhaps these folks would be willing
to share their gifts to help fund our
Youth Mission Trips.
Adults and kids alike donate their art work
and we have this annual show and hold
a silent auction where people can bid and win
an original piece of art.
It has been a huge success and I am
always amazed by the generosity of the
donating artists as well as the bidders.
I shouldn't be surprised really because
when God whispers an idea in your ear
it's always a good one!
We set up our contributions in our
Fellowship Hall, which as you can see
actually serves as a gym/dining room/stage area.
Now keep in mind we do the best with what
we have, chalk boards draped in black fabric,
settees borrowed from our own homes
along with some artificial trees for
I only managed to get a few photos
but you can get the idea from these.
We play classical music in the background
and serve refreshments.
Since we can't actually serve real wine
we do the next best thing, white and dark
grape juice in little plastic wine glasses.
There are fruit platters, cheese platters and
finger sandwhiches.
As you can see we get a variety of art forms.

The piece below was done by one of our freshman girls.
a colored pencil drawing of the Coloseum,
 which she traveled to last summer.
What started as a way to raise funds
has turned into a real social event.
The folks love to see what type of work others
are doing and of course getting to
buy some original art is a nice bonus too.
This was one of the pieces I donated this year, sorry
about the quality of the photo.
I'll share some of my other contributions
with you over the next several posts.
Remember that God blessed you with
your talents, I encourage you to
find a way to share them for a good cause.
You won't be sorry you did!


  1. Diva,
    The show looks great! WOW what a lot of work you put into it...but well worth it, no?

    Thanks so much for always visiting my blog ~
    Blessed be!

  2. what a great idea...i love the art work too....what a thoughtful person you are...xxxx

  3. Sweet Diva...what a beautiful thought and you are exactly right. It looks like a wonderful art show. God speaks to us all...if we would but listen.
    I haven't figured out what my talent I help my children and they contribute. Perhaps that is why I am still around. What a beautiful soul you have.

  4. What a great event! LOoks like all the hard work paid off!! I used to love to sing, but alas, in these past few years my voice seems to have deteriorated! well, that's my story anyways! xxoo

  5. Congratulations on another success, Diva! I can't begin to imagine all the work involved with so many details to manage! I'm very proud of you!

    I love the piece you did! Very much! It would have looked fabulous in my office. I'd have been great at a silent auction for such a good cause. I wish I could travel!!!

    I'm such a huge fan of your art! HUGE! And I'm a really huge fan of mission work too! HUGE!


  6. Oh wow, this looks wonderful. Your piece is beautiful, and what victory to see it come together and grow into something even bigger than you imagined.

  7. oh, SO true!!! God uses our talents in so many wonderful ways! congratulations on the success of your art show and auction!!! :))

  8. Hi Diva! What a really great looking show, great idea, and GREAT ARTWORK! I loved your piece Sweetie, it's so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more! Enjoy your Sunday! xo Paulette

  9. What a great way and thing for these young people to get involved in. We did more situation like this.

  10. What a wonderful idea! And so inspired - you can tell by the outpouring of art in this show!! Your piece is just gorgeous!! Love, Silke

  11. that is a great way of inspiring folks to create and for fund raising!

  12. I love the one you donated it is gorgeous...
    your post brought back memories of when I was a little girl and we had floral exhibitions at our church.. the kids made floral arrangements in saucers of sand.. i loved doing that !