Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who's Happy About the New Snow???

Why my youngest son Alex is of course!
Why would he want any more of this...
so he could go here !
His Ski Club at school finally got to go night skiing
at Big Boulder in the Poconos.
He's been rather bummed out because while
we've had lots of snow this winter
every time they were scheduled for a trip
there was too much snow!

Well too much for the buses to risk driving
to the ski resort that is.
So yesterday my sweet son finally got to use his skis,
and he was very happy!
My husband and I have been skiing for quite some time
and we made it a point to get our kids to the mountains
 to learn to ski and snowboard.
This was extremely smart of us because
they became good enough that
we could send them off with the Ski Club
and not be too worried.
Now we can stay in the warmth
and comfort of home while they go out and do
their thing!

Not everyone was so happy about the weather,
this poor robin mistakenly thought spring was
arriving soon. He arrived here earlier in the week
when our temperatures rose to the mid 40's.
 He was in for a SURPRISE on thursday when the snow
started to fall. It's saturday and still snowing here.
Some of his friends like this chickadee
are waiting to hit the bird feeder,
while this cardinal
and junco
forage beneath it for any fallen seeds they might find.
While I usually don't appreciate the mess
this guy makes and how he disturbs my gardens,
I even felt sorrow for this poor squirrel!

How many weeks until spring???


  1. Hi Diva - what beautiful pictures! And your son Alex is very handsome. I have an Alex, too! I never learned how to ski, but two of my 4 kids do, and love it. The last snow missed us, but we got our fair share of WIND. Holy cow, it was something else! Stay warm! xo Pam

  2. Hi Diva,
    Your pictures are really stunning. You did a wonderful job getting pics of the birds and the squirrel.
    Happy that Alex gets to go skiing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Diva,

    What a handsome son you have there! :) I hope he has a great time skiing! Woot for snow! :)

  4. Your young man is indeed very handsome!! Oh how I miss these beautiful North American birds. They are so very lovely. I once had a chickadee alight on my hand to be fed. I was so amazed. I love chickadees most of all! xxoo

  5. Darling pic of your son, Diva! I'd have to agree, teaching your kiddos to ski is right up there with teaching them to swim when it comes to safety. If they spend a lot of time in the snow or the water, they need that skill.
    All the photos in this post are breathtaking. I'm so glad you shared them with us. : )

  6. I'm glad your son is happy for the snow. but I am worried about the birds and the poor little animals. I hope you are feeding them especially the Robin who is not use to the cold weather! Loved your photos of the birds.

  7. Gorgeous snowy pictures, and a gorgeous son too! I love the's been a good winter! xoxo

  8. I'm glad your son finally got to go skiing with his friends. I love the bird pictures you posted. The cardinal looks spectacular against the snow!

    I probably shouldn't tell you but my almond trees are starting to blossom!