Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Green

    I have to admit to having had a difficult time deciding
where to start with some of my favorite things. It's going to be tricky to separate items into categories since
I tend to have alot of crossovers but I guess color
 will be just as good a spot as any to begin.
I have a thing for Green!!!
It seems to be a common thread among things I love
so let me show you some of my favorite glassware...
I'm not particular about the pattern, if the price is right
and the piece speaks to me, I bring it home!

My favorite stemware is an old
Anchor Hocking pattern, it can be pricey but being
a bargin hunter I have always been able to
add pieces as I find them for a good price!

As you can see there is a slight difference in the design
of the bottom of the stem but I don't mind,
they still look lovely when set out on the table.
Chances are no one but me notices anyway,
so please don't tell anyone!

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