Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holding On to the Past

     My love affair with the past is evident through
many of my collections, not necessarily
my own past, anyone's history will do...
these ceramic biscuit jars , made in japan,
have no doubt had many little
fingers peeking under the lid for the
latest baked cookies that emerged from
mama's kitchen!
...and how many guests were served tea
from these unique sets?
I have managed to find several of these cottage tea sets
over the years, not all of them complete, but there is
 something so precious about their thatched
roofs and quaint exteriors that I cannot resist
bringing home even mismatched pieces!

Just how cute are these condiment sets???
I'm always on the lookout for these.

These are a few of the books I've picked up lately,
I love reading up on the history of my old collections.
Maybe I just love the idea of a simpler time, when
family was most important and Mom and
Housewives were held in high esteem...
we are after all the glue that holds all that is sacred in family together!


  1. oh those jars are

  2. Hello.....thank you for the info re-the light fitting.....I'll check out ebay and see if I can get

  3. Yes I see you have been collecting a lot of fun things. Do you keep all yours out to be seen? I have a few flower flogs, I had forgot about them. Better get them out. Your little sets are so cute, I see them once in awhile at the thrift. Your Cracker tin looks like a real old one.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Love your treasures! I, too, love the days gone by and am so very thankful to have been raised in the late 50's, which I call the 'Leave it to Beaver' era. Family was important in every sense of the word. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts!

  5. Hi Diva!

    Love this post! I'm also a collector of so many things. When I moved from my last house I had to put lots of things in storage. I can't wait to buy a house that can showcase all of my different collections. I've got a collection of decorative teapots, antique balancing toys, old metal latex glove hand molds and stocking molds. Oh the list goes on and on..... Thanks for sharing so many wonderful images!

  6. Love your collections, I have those books too. They are fun to look at & see what you need to hunt for. Lisa

  7. I love your post and thanks for the birthday wish. I like the idea of much simpler times one that only exists in our own homes. Jackie

  8. Hi Diva,
    I have a love affair with the past too. Mine started when I started family genealogy research. The more I found out about my ancestors, the more I became intrigued with items they used in the past. Thus, probably way too many collections but I love them all.

  9. Love those apron books! You have the best collections :)

  10. I second the motion about simpler times and vintage items!!! Diva you have such great things! Where and how do you display them? Do you rotate what's out? Do you keep like things together? Tell me, tell me, tell me, do!

  11. I so love vintage stuff as well and you certainly do have some lovely pieces! I need to get books like you have, so I can read up on my collections of vintage items as well. They often have some at the auction but I always get overbid by the dealers that attend. Love seeing your collections:-) xoxo