Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here We Go Again!

I tried to look out my window this morning

but all I saw was this...

I finally managed to get a glimpse outside to
discover this

and this...

My husband thought this would work

but we really need the big guns...

At one point I swear I saw this,

...but it's possible it may have been this

While I do enjoy snow I think it should make it's
appearance in December and January.
By now my heart is longing for spring so when the
weather man said  BLIZZARD...
I was thinking more along the lines of this,

I am so ready to pack away these

and slip on a pair of these...

Seriously, I feel a little like Private Benjamin...I want to go out to lunch, wear sandals and have fun at the beach!
Perhaps it's time to start planning a
tropical vacation, anyone want to join me???

(all photos are courtesy of google images)


  1. I need to stop whining about the 50° cold snap we're experiencing here in Savannah!

  2. Hahaha..... count me in!!! I can't wait for Spring!!
    Margaret B

  3. I can't believe it is snowing EVERYWHERE but here! I am over the cold though and ready for a tropical vacation too!

  4. Hey Diva. This is such a cute post I love the way you put it together.

    Sorry for so much snow though. Can't imagine be bound in by that weather. Whoa. I'm like Daniel, apprx 2 hrs from Savannah.

    Have a blessed Sunday.
    Warm hugs and I really mean it WARM, WARM Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. I hear you!!!! I wish the snow would go back to the mountains, where it belongs! I am also longing for spring. Even the birds are longing for spring - I can hear it in their songs...
    Stay safe and warm!

  6. I'm all in, Miss Diva!

    Are those really your dogs? They're so beautiful.

    I got a real chuckle out of this post. It looks so much like the view outside my window!

  7. Hello
    You must be out East they are getting socked again! Yuk... I am so ready for spring but that won't happen here in Chicago for another couple of months so I am taking off and going to AZ the end of the month...I need to see some sun! It is sooooo gray here - not getting your snow but the grayness gets to me also. Do I sound whiney :)

  8. Hi, Diva thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! Oh, your weather looks as yucky as our weather here, so sick of winter!!! This time of year drags and there doesn't seem to be spring in the future for SO long! My craft room is so cheerful and that helps me a lot to go in there and work on stuff and think about getting lots done before the weather is nice. I hope the sun is out for you today, here lots of new snow for the next few days. Hugs!

  9. What a fun post! Thanks for the smiles! Snowing here today but not much is expected.

  10. Oh my...that snow is just incredible!