Thursday, February 11, 2010

...and more glassware!

 I do collect some glassware that isn't green...
I had a set of these Shirley Temple pieces
when I was a little girl,
of course mine are long gone, remember my Mom
gave everything away!
I did manage to find some replacements
while antiquing and it is fun
to look at them and remember when
my mother insisted on setting my hair
into baloney curls!!!

How many of you remember all of her movies...
especially her singing
'On the good ship Lollipop' ???

oh dear I think I may have just dated myself :)

Hard to read, but this is an ad for Kraft Cheese Spread...
it came packaged in these adorable juice size glasses
known as 'swanky swigs'.

Hazel Atlas also made the glasses for sour cream, jelly
and other food stuffs providing many households
with an assortment of everyday glassware.
Who remembers when glasses where found in
boxes of detergent or given away free with
a tank of gas???

Considering what we pay for a tank of gas these days you'd think they could give us a small gift. They don't even
clean your windshield anymore, and whatever
happened to service with a smile and attendants
in crisp clean uniforms?
aahhh....the good old days!


  1. LOVE all the vintage glassware, I collect vintage glassware, no particutlar one just when I see things I love and they are affordable I grab them. Things sure have changed! Thanks for sharing your collection with us. Take care!

  2. I am very familiar with the "good ole days". I have a lot of good memories, but I will stay as I am now. I have seen most of the things you featured today.

  3. Those were my good old days too! The glass ware went with the plates and bowls you could buy or 'earn' on special at the supermarket week to week. Remember those?

    Did you get your juice glasses from fancy cheese spread containers or jelly containers?

  4. you have a fabulous collection, diva! and i love your greenware, too! i was just telling my kids the other day about what it was like to put gas in your tank "back in the olden days". they couldn't believe that someone actually checked your oil and washed your windshield.....for "free".....while they were pumping gas!! ahhh, yes....good times!! :)))

  5. Diva, I love vintage glassware as well. MY mother has a whole tea set that came in laundry soap boxes. (Not all at once, mind you!) We are great Shirley Temple fans here. My favourite movie of hers? Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!!

  6. Oh yes ...even in Australia ...I grew up loving old Shirley Temple movies!