Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vintage continued...

We had a wonderful extended weekend at our cabin
in central PA, quite a bit of snow up there as well!
While I spent most of my time enjoying the mountains
and snow I did manage to get to one of favorite
antique spots and came away with a few goodies...

I found a few new flower frogs to add to my ever
growing collection!

I love to use the metal spiky ones to display vintage
postcards or photographs and the larger cage type
and glass ones make great pencil and brush holders,
of course I also just enjoy grouping them to look at
and as you can see they fit right in with my love of green!

I also found some great bargains on linens so of course I snatched those right up, I can't resist that type of handiwork!

I added a few nutmeg graters to my
existing collection, I have several hanging
in my kitchen with little springs of ivy draping out
the top, they're perfect for that small spot where
 you just want a little something.

...and one more vintage tin to go above
my cupboards, I have a few and I just love
the old graphics and cream & green colors.
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the little things that bring me joy, I'll be back tomorrow to show you some more of my
'Favorite Things' !


  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot! We need to get out more often to find similar treasures. Now I'm curious to see your kitchen to know where the cracker tin will go and to see all of the other goodies you found 'in situ.'

  2. Oh boy, what great treasures! I love anything old too! xoxo

  3. You're a gal after my own heart, I so love vintage things as well:-) You would have enjoyed the auction this past Sunday, they had a few of those vintage glass/metal flower frogs. I just love all the treasures you found!! xoxo

  4. Diva - these are all lovely. I like the graters, I can just see them on the wall with the ivy. :) And I grab old linens like that, too! xo Pam

  5. Hello, some wonderful finds.....xxx

  6. You did very well on your little outing. I love linens too and those are very nice.

  7. Oh, these finds look wonderful!! I especially love all the flower frogs - and what you use them for! So creative!! :) Silke

  8. i love looking at all of your vintage goodies! that's a great idea hanging the nutmeg graters on the wall! :))

  9. I am suddenly going crazy for vintage too! I love all of the green glassware a few posts below- so pretty.

  10. Oh my gosh, I'm drooling!!!! I so miss going away to places that offer shops that offer treasures!

    Lovely - each and every piece!

  11. Wow those are some great finds! Just popping in to say thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comment - it is so encouraging to hear peoples' thoughts :-)