Monday, February 1, 2010

Thought for Today

'Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.'
                                              Mother Teresa


  1. such beautiful words......thank you for that, sweet diva! :))

  2. Just found your liking what I'm seeing already.



  3. What a short but VERY powerful statement. I wish more people in this world practiced kindness like she did!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Hopped over to visit from Jo's blog, amazing how this works! Read all your posts and we share a few things. I too have three sons and I must call on them for tech help. My firstborn is so patient though he doesn't care how many times I ask the same question.I simply call him and ask if he is available to teach a class in computer 101 and he always solves the problem. Your pictures of Haiti just broke my heart. Blessings to you. Meg

  5. Oh, I love Mother Teresa!! Thanks for sharing her words of wisdom here.

  6. I wish more people in this world practiced kindness like she did!

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  7. Beautiful words from a truly beautiful woman....
    Thank you,
    Margaret B

  8. that is so sweet and so true...

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  9. It's all about the ripple effect. Everything is about a ripple effect, isn't it? How's Linda doing?

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  11. So very well put. Our words should be kind and uplifting. I pray that we will all take this to heart the next time we start to expound a hurtful word.

    God bless and ya'll have a fabulously blessed day!!!

  12. Dear Diva,

    Love this quote thanks for visiting good luck!