Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome To My Home !

As promised I thought I would show you around the outside
of my home.
That last few weeks have been busy with
 yard cleanup, remulching beds, and planting.
My husband and I have done all the
landscaping ourselves. It has taken us close to 20 years
to get all this done.
Let's go around back shall we?
Looking straight back to the right, you can see
our garden bench...
which is situated right next to the pond.
I can sit there and listen to the
water tumbing down the falls and enjoy
the scent of honeysuckle planted
right behind the bench.
Turn to your right from the pond and you
can see across the back to our garden shed.
A closer view of the shed, the plants in the
window boxes haven't really grown
big enough to see just yet.
Turn a little more to your right from the pond
and you can see the pool and part of the
back of the house.
Straight up from the pool are
the steps leading up to the deck
to our back door.

A little closer to the back door and
you can see I've been very busy planting.
One of my favorites is the tree that
is blooming pink, it's a pink oleander.
I also have two white ones in pots, it's the only way
I can grow them this far north.
I plant them in big pots and then winter
them over by bringing them in.
Turn slightly to your right and you can see
my potting bench. My sweet husband
built it for me a few years back to store my supplies.
Turn slightly to your left and you see where
my houseplants spend the summer.
They love coming out after spending all
winter cooped up inside.
Turn completey around and you can see the
pool and yard from the deck.
These pots welcome visitors to the
deck after entering the yard from the back gate.
I have pots planted just about everywhere.
It gives me the opportunity to try new species
every year when I visit the nurseries.
My husband says I'm like kid in a candy store!
Hope you enjoyed the stroll through my yard.
The vegetable and herb gardens I've saved
 for a later date as it's a bit too early to
plant some things, but I will in another two weeks.
Come back soon and I'll give you a close up
of what's happening in the pond :)


  1. WOW!!!!!!
    What an amazing home you have, its so very beautiful!xxx

  2. Diva, your home is gorgeous--it belongs in a magazine!!

  3. Oh my...Diva, your home is breathtaking! Thank you for being so kind as to share it with all of us!

  4. Oh my...Diva, your home is absolutely breathtaking! Thank you most kindly for sharing it with all of us!

  5. So beautiful!! I love all the plants!

  6. Wow! Can I come live in your shed?!!!!! Everything is lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  7. Alright...I'm packing now. Go ahead and set up the guest room. I'm on my way. lol What a beautiful home and yard you have! Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.
    Thanks, always, for visiting Brynwood and leaving your thoughts for me to read. I really appreciate it!
    See you again soon.

  8. What a beautiful home your have. All the hard work and years paid off as your yard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home with us. Truly enjoyed the tour.

  9. Diva! Which room is mine? Lol! You have a beautiful home. I can tell you love plants and nature. :) xo Pam

  10. What an amazing and beautiful home you have Diva!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. xxoo

  11. wowsers...this home is straight from a it to bits!!!lucky

  12. Thank you so much for showing me around - you have the perfect picnic backyard! Swimming, playing games, sitting with's all so beautiful! I love your potting bench.
    Have a great day!

  13. Wonderful. You have truly done a beautiful job. I can tell a lot of love and time has gone into it all.

  14. Your home is lovely. What a wonderful gathering place for family and friends!

  15. You have a lovely home. Looks warm and inviting. And such beautiful gardens. It's obvious that you have spent a lot of time caring for your home.

  16. What a lovely home :) thanks for the tour!

  17. Hello, my friend - I knew I would love seeing your yard. It's gorgeous! Makes me tired thinking of all the work you two have done to make it so lovely. We are in the 'redoing' stage of our yards. We have plans for similar features - a pond, deck or patio expansion and plantings. In and out of the ground. Thank you for sharing your yard with us - you've inspired me to keep working on mine!

  18. A lovely paradise to call home. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  19. Wow, Diva! Soooooo beautiful. I love the deck most of all. Your time and love really show in how you've set it up to welcome everyone.