Thursday, April 8, 2010

These Beautiful Days

 we are having here in the Northeast
this week have been unseasonably
 warm, causing everything
to awaken from it's winter slumber
and burst into bloom overnight!
The red plum tree in front
of our home is scattering soft
pink petals like snowfall.

The azaelas are showing off,

in a competition with the rhododendren

for my attention!
Everywhere I turn there
is an explosion of color and fragrance.

The Saucer Magnolia in the back
yard quite literally opened up

It's blossoms are beautiful and
cover the entire tree.
Most years it blesses us with
two or three shows of blossoms
throughout the summer
but none as precious as the first.

Even our woodland dogwoods
are trying to get in on the act.

First Prize for the showiest
display has to go to the
Bradford Pears trees,

simply because their sheer numbers,

as they line the streets of our
neighborhood just
take my breath away!
Hope you enjoyed our little stroll outside my house,
now lace up your shoes and go see what's waiting
for you outside your door own front door!!!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful neighborhood. (I didn't know that you lived in the Northeast.) Your home is lovely, too. I bet that you are outside as much as you can be with all this beauty around you.

  2. Beautiful! Spring is finally here! YeeHaw!

  3. I did indeed enjoy the stroll around your area. What gorgeous blossoms! A true feast for the eyes.

  4. Oh, I wish I could walk up to your beautiful door, knock and stay for awhile to have a good chat and see your gorgeous home and yard and neighborhood for myself. Until then, your photos are wonderful and I'll just dream of someday!

  5. What a pretty sight! I love the tree in front of your house. I went outside to take some pictures of the weeping cherry before the rains come and knock off all the blossoms. :) Your yard is gorgeous!

  6. such beautiful photos! i cannot wait for all of our flowers to bloom. thank you for sharing :)
    best wishes, juliette

  7. The last photo is so pretty! I just love this time of year (minus the allergies!)

  8. Hi.....oh so, so lovely!

    Barb ♥

  9. Hi Diva, I wanted to thank you for adding me as a friend on Julie's ning site, and I found your blog through it. I love your artwork and your lady sketches!! Wonderful--I'll be following. (Beautiful photos of your neighborhood too!) And also, I see that you have 5 sons--I have 5 also--3 boys and 2 girls.

  10. You have a beautiful home and yard. I can't wait until everything is in bloom in our area.

  11. Omigosh, such gorgeous trees with all of their blooms! It must be amazing living in a neighbourhood that has all of those trees lining the streets. No trees are in bloom over here yet, they're just now getting buds. xoxo

  12. Oh yes I enjoyed touring your neighborhood! What a beautiful house you have. Love the tree lined street, Spring must be the best time of year.
    Sharon :-)

  13. Wow, it's all so beautiful. I especially love the dogwood in the woods!