Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm On Sensory Overload

                              ...after my trip to the cabin.
The girls all piled into our car to
head out to the local greenhouses
in the Susquehanna Valley,

driving through some beautiful farms,

passing some fellow travelers
on the road.

We stopped for a filling
buffet breakfast at Peachey's

one of our favorite Amish restaurants.

We made the rounds to our favorite
greenhouses,  Engle's, Riverside
and Garden Treasures.

There was so much to look at,

garden decor,

statues nestled among the plants,

fountains for every type garden

even some beautiful gazing balls.
As if this wasn't enough to put you
 over the top, upon entering the
greenhouses you are assaulted
by a riot of color,

an assortment of hanging baskets

aisles upon aisles of the most wonderful

The heady aroma of damp
soil and fresh loam
just envelops you.

I don't know about you
but that smell is intoxicating
to me and I am like a kid in a
candy store, wanting one of everything!

They offered an array of pots
for sale

and for those of us with a need for
instant gratification

they had all sorts of pots preplanted.
All of this running around made us
ready for a treat before we headed
back to the cabin, so we made a pitstop

at one of our favorite places and
indulged in some refreshments.

Sounds like a perfect day doesn't it???


  1. I was a perfect day! Where did you put all the goodies you bought? On the roof of the car? lol! I love that cat statue and would love it in my garden. :) Glad you had fun!

  2. Yes, it does sound like a perfect day! Food, friends, and glorious can't beat it.

  3. Oh wonderful time! Loved those over the fence hanging pots...just the right colors and hues for my world. Hope that you were so filled up that it'll last for a while. At least until the next time you get to do it all over again.

  4. It does sound like the perfect day. Wonderful colors.

  5. I loved the tour with you around this garden centre.....I have a weakness for them too....they are always so cheerful and colourful!xxx

  6. PERFECT is the perfect word for a day like that!
    What fun! I'm so glad you like my little tray. I love it too... :)

  7. Such a fun glad to see some Spring weather some where in the country! Thanks so much darlin for stopping by. I love seeing the Amish! cherry

  8. It does sound like a perfect day. The garden stores had so much to see and I'm a sucker for Dairy Queen!!

  9. Yes, the perfect glad you could enjoy it!!! Especially the Blizzard part. : )
    Thank you for your prayers regarding my mom. She had the "cement" procedure done today. It looks good so far. Time will tell.
    Thanks again,
    Mary Lou

  10. You lucky girl, you! And DQ ice cream after...pure heaven!

  11. ummm, all the colors are so beautiful..I love going to a good garden center..
    OK, when you come by for tea, I will give you a glass/cup without sugar..altho I don't see how ANYone could possibly not like it better with SUGAH....:))

  12. Flowers, flats and flats of marvelous flowers!! I'm in love!!! Lori

  13. I feel like I'm ten years old and my mother didn't allow me to on a trip with my friends (and their parents)...and now I'm hearing about it and I'm literally green with envy. Honestly. Hulk Green. It's the new black.

    I would've felt like I'd died and gone to heaven in that nursery!!