Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Changes

are so apparent in the garden right now.
I have to be sure to stroll through
the yard each day or I might miss
seeing all the new things popping up!
The astilbe's are blooming now.

I have them in several colors.

The front and one side of my house
faces the northeast so they
only get morning light
and they are quite happy with that.
I love the feathery blooms and
delicate foliage.

The columbine is
beginning to bloom as well,

it's another perenial that
loves my shaded flower beds.

I even have a yellow variety.
The blossoms are so tiny
that I imagine if I were to sneak
up quietly I just might see the fairies
dancing among the flowers!


  1. So beautiful, Diva! And I love what you said about the columbine! That could have come from my mouth!!!

  2. Oh sweetie, your flowers are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharin' your wonderful pictures of 'em. We are still gettin' killing frost. I never feel safe until May 15th. I've been busy weedin' and spreadin' mulch to dress up my many flower beds. The weeds are incredible...it's a jungle out there baby. You would never know I cleaned them out last fall and earlier this year. {{{SIGH}}} Time wasted.

    God bless ya and have yourself one terrific Tuesday!!!

  3. Hi Diva! I love columbine. I have a nice shady spot near a little fish pond (a very little fish pond!) and they just love it there. My astilbe hasn't bloomed yet. I, too, love taking a stroll around the yard to see my garden 'friends'. You have a great day, and keep an eye out for those fairies! xo Pam

  4. My astilbes are just barely peeking out of the ground - it will be weeks before they bloom. The columbines (one of my favorite flowers) won't be ready for awhile yet either, no buds in sight yet.
    Sorry to read about Misty - it is so hard to lose them.

  5. I have a columbine. It arrived from one summer to the next never having been "officially" planted. It's one of my favorites. And I adore astilbes and have two. They are nowhere near ready to come up yet. This year, they'll need transplanting as the azalea has encroached upon their territory.

  6. my garden is getting a tasty drink today....we have alot of fun drought tolerant grasses in the front yard as to conserve water...but the back yard is shady...lots of fun luscious goodies back there...we are also blessed with lots of fruit trees...ahhhhh....lots of fruit to share with others!

  7. Your garden looks lovely! What beautiful plants - isn't it wonderful to see everything blooming?


  8. Gorgeous flowers Diva! I wish I had a green thumb. Care to come over and fix up my flowers??

  9. Hi Diva, they are all absolutely stunning!!!

    Barb ♥

  10. Hello Diva!

    Nice to know you came by to visit. I'm so ready for summer. Being that I'm from NYC I'm learning about gardening about flowers about planting vegetables and it's loads of fun. I love living in the country is always what I wanted peace and quiet for art and exploring more about me and my surroundings. love and an air hug from here to you. big kisssssssssssss! Mua!

  11. Ooooo how beautiful!! I love astilbe but never see them here. The climate must not be right. We just planted some gorgeous columbine and I hope they like our garden... Love, Silke

  12. Oh I love estilbe, I have a few, but it will be severel weeks here before they show their stuff. Yours look so pretty, well all your flowers do.

  13. I have been thinking about planting astilbe, but haven't yet. I have the perfect spot for them. Maybe next year..
    Nice music on here btw. Thank you for that.