Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spending Time Outdoors

keeping up with the gardens
and yard work,  but the weather
has been beautiful so it's perfect.
The pond is entering one of
it's best blooming seasons as
most of these plants only bloom
in this late spring season.

These lovely blossoms just float along the edge,

and intermingle with the lilies.

The pink one is one of my favorites.

The taller plants in the back are lizard's tail,

pickeral rush,

and my favorite the yellow flag iris.

Along the front of the pond I always plant
some parrots feather.

I buy it new each year as it doesn't winter over.
The garden center cuts it off and I plant it at home.

It floats along the surface and closes up in the evening.

It provides not only shade, but protection for these guys.

You see we have this lovely blue heron and white egret
who think that my pond is their personal sushi bar.

This tiny little specimen is called duck weed,
it is so tiny that several would fit across
the width of your pinky's fingernail.
It just floats along the surface of the water.
I think it's called duck weed because it's often found in
natural ponds and serves as food for the ducks.
It serves as a tasty snack for my koi as well,
thank goodness it reproduces rapidly.
The majority of these plants are wintered over by placing
them in the bottom of the pond. It is over three feet
deep in the center and it allows the fish
to hibernate for the winter without danger of freezing.
I hope you've enjoyed my tour of the pond,
if you don't have room for a pond in your yard
consider using an old whisky barrel or large waterproof
crock. all you need is a small pump and some
plants and you'll enjoy the sound of water
trickling all summer. It's also good feng shui
to have a water element near your home.


  1. Wow...a pond garden!! How interesting and beautiful! Something to think about for our yard someday in the future.

  2. You have a pond too?! It's all so beautiful, Diva!

  3. That's so impressive. I'm usually not a work-in-the-yard kind of person. But I've been out there working on our property for the past three days while thinking of you and all of the work you put into your gardens and the enjoyment and satisfaction you must receive from it.

  4. Thank you for a beautiful flowers how. I love and enjoy all flowers.

  5. Great pictures and info.

    Thank you for your undying support and prayers.:)

  6. I love all these plant photos. I would like to have a garden with a lily pond and some Koi carp and gold fish.
    Spring is such a wonderful time of year when, the garden blossoms.:)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Gorgeous! I want a real pond. We have a tiny one next to our kitchen door, and one morning I opened up the door to go outside, and a blue heron was staring at me! LOL! He'd had a lovely breakfast of all my goldfish. :)) Happy weekend! Pam

  8. My goodness you have been busy with your outside stuff. The plants all look wonderful. I just love it when everything comes back to life.
    Nancy Jo

  9. Great info and pics. Your garden and water elements are wonderful. This is such a special time of the year to be with nature and the blessings it has to give!

    Thank you for stopping by, your kind comment and entering my giveaway. Good Luck.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. You pond is BEAUTIFUL!! My dream is to have a pond in my garden. As of right now I don't have the room but I've been eyeing up the swing set area lately, lol. I'll have to wait a year or two but that's ok. I'll definitely ask for your advice when the time comes. For now we have a mini fountain container on the patio and I think I will try to add some fish again. Hopefully they won't die right away this time!

    Alex is still sick but thanks for asking. Now Jake came hope not feeling well. Will this thing ever end???

    Happy Mothers Day to you:)
    Do you have frogs?

  11. I loved the tour of the pond. Often I've thought of having one but am basically a lazy gardener. Your photos make me wonder my choice, they are beautiful.

  12. So beautiful !!
    I only have a small pond, but there are fishes in it, a little fountain, toads come to visit, so it's very nice to have in the garden. The sound always calms me too.
    Have a wonderful weekend !!