Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Dreary and Damp Outside

today, the warm weather of
last week is just a memory.
It is exactly  days like this
that I am glad I chose to plant
white flowers among all my
(white alysum)
other plants.
It is the white blossoms that

pop when the skies are gray

or when the sun begins to set.

(bleeding hearts)
I even like to add some white
to my shade gardens for
the very same reasons.

(Morning Glory)
While the white blooms may
not grab your attention
the way a vibrant color does
on a sunny day. You can be
sure that it's the one thing that
stands out

(shasta daisies)
on a day like today!
How's the weather where you are?


  1. Hot and humid! Argggh... Love the daisies ... such a friendly flower! :D :D :D

  2. Chilly! And I do love white in a garden and have so little of it. Lilies of the Valley is about all. The moonflowers are so lovely!

  3. Lovely blooms! They rather match the snowflakes on the lawn early this very morn...such a sad occurrence for the month of May. Thank you for sharing your garden!

  4. Pouring rain, Diva! And thunder and lightning! And chilly! Oh well, they say it is going to be lovely by the weekend. :) I love your white flowers, and I agree completely. They really pop! xo

  5. It is sunny in San Diego - but what else is new? It is rainy back home. I love white flowers - they really do pop - on a gray day or in the evening.


  6. Beautiful flowers! White flowers against green leaves is so crisp and bright.

    Today our weather was sunny and in the high 60's. Not too bad.

  7. The weather is sure playing up. One of the mums today says she think it may have something to do with the volcanic ash. Which I thought was possible.

    It was the coldest night here and my mum had to keep putting her flowers out for the frost.
    it can be glorious here in the mornings not even needing a coat on. Then it gets really cold, britterly. So strange!
    Your flowers are so beautiful and loved how you wrote how they stand out in your garden.
    Was such a pleasure to see them.
    Hope your days are much warmer this week!
    Lots of love and hugs!

    :D Julie

  8. Your days may be chilly, but it did not stop the lovely flowers from blooming. A very pretty post.

  9. Cool, damp and dreary. Your flowers are lovely to see on days like these.

  10. already getting hot, but still breezy. I like the white. My bleeding hearts won't come out of the ground... I don't know why. Thank you for the images.