Monday, May 17, 2010

The Junior Prom

was this weekend, and here is my baby
all dressed up and ready to pick up his date!

I realize I'm probably a little
biased but aren't they cute?

I can't believe time has passed so quickly, seems like
I just did this with his older brothers.

Here they are with a group of their friends.

Sorry I've been missing in action for several days,
I had a very busy week and weekend.
Spent days immersed in yard work and trying
to get everything outside ready for the summer.

Everything is all tidy,

the vegetable and herb garden are planted.

The pond is doing well,

the lawn is ready for a game of bocce ball,

the pool is ready for swimmers,

and the deck is ready to host it's first barbeque!

Hope you'll stop by for a visit, I'd love to see you !


  1. Handsome guy and a very cute couple! Wonderful how he picked up the blue in his date's dress. No wonder you've been away from blogging. Sounds like a very productive (and exhausting) week!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see these kids experience all these things we did so long ago. He's a handsome son and they do look cute together. Your yard looks wonderful. I'm going out now to go clean off my porches and then pull out the porch furniture and carpets from storage. It's raining out and both our porches are covered so why not?

  3. They're such a cute couple....he's handsome, she's adorable.

    I'll be right over!! I'd like to sit by the pool and enjoy a lazy afternoon with you.

  4. Diva! He is so handsome! :) Mine went to the prom last weekend, too. I posted one little pic, and I have to download a couple more. Your son and his date look so cute! And your yard is gorgeous. Be right over! xox Pam

  5. The are adorable together. Love the black and turquoise together. Her dress is great!!!
    It's something to see our children growing up isn't it!!!!

  6. Such a cute couple. They grow up so quickly! (I'm coming with the cookies and some strawberries!)

  7. nope, no bias here.....your son and his date are adorable!! isn't it fun to watch them get so excited about prom?!! and my goodness.....all of your hard work certainly paid off.....your home is absolutely gorgeous!!! i'll be over lickety-split....can i stay for a while?!! xox, :))

  8. Oh, what a gorgeous couple, your son and his date! Just beautiful!! And your home...I'll be coming by momentarily and staying a while... Love, Silke

  9. I love the color of the tux and dress!! Really cute!

  10. Prom season...oh, how I love it!

  11. Your son is very handsome! And his date and friends all look so happy. Thanks for sharing them with us. I love seeing your yard and home - makes me wish it wasn't raining (the weekend was gorgeous!) so I could finish planting my garden.

  12. What a cute couple! I just LOVE prom time! xxoo

  13. I wish I could travel, Diva! I'd be there with bells on!

    What a beautiful home and property you have! It exudes love and attention to detail.

    How handsome your son looks! I'm so glad kids still dress up for prom. I'd hate to see casual wear overtake that as it has everything else!


  15. How perfect everythig looks!! What is that little log house at the end of your yard? Maybe I could come there and live. too cute. I can see why you have been busy, that is a lot of area to get in order.
    Nancy Jo

  16. That's it...I'm moving in with have a pool!!!! lol You have such a beautiful home and everything looks so well taken care of. There's just so much to do this time of year to get ready for the summer months, it's no wonder we're all blogging a little less lately.

    Your son and his date are absolutely darling together and it's such an exciting time in their lives right now. Congratulations to both of them on their graduation:-) xoxo