Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Each year our family makes a
point of celebrating
Cinco de Mayo,
despite the fact that we
are not of Mexican descent.
I read an interesting article in
this morning's paper and
it explained that we actually
celebrate this holiday here in the U.S.
more so than in Mexico.
This date is celebrated in and
around Mexico City to
commemerate Mexico's
unexpected victory over the
French in 1862, but it is not a
 national holiday there.
Mexico's Independence Day
actually occurred on September 16, 1810.
So why do you suppose we embrace
this holiday here?
I think it is because as a multicultural
nation we love to recognize
this great melting pot that we are.
I am not Irish but I celebrate
Saint Patrick's Day
each year with a meal of corned beef and cabbage.
Columbus Day is a national
holiday honoring not only the
discovery of America but
our Italian American citizens.
So today my family will sit around
the table and enjoy some fine
Mexican Cuisine.
We will enjoy some black bean salsa
 along with some quesadillas.
How about some enchiladas, refried beans and rice?
Sizzling Fajitas anyone?
Some chunky guacamole, full of omega three fats,
and some fresh pico de gallo!
My mouth is watering already.
An ice cold Corona
or a frosty margarita will round out the meal nicely!
The fresh produce and colorful
foods make a lovely presentation
to your table.
How can we not celebrate
a culture with such a colorful palette.
It is visible not only in their
cuisine but in their
their pottery
and even their fabrics.
Now while I may not have my very own
mariachi band
I think I'll find some lively
Mexican music to play this evening
during dinner.
How will you celebrate today?


  1. Oh baby, pass the guac please!!! I usually cook Mexican on this day....just 'cause.

    God bless and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  2. Since we live in Southern California this is a big celebration! Looking at all those pictures of food made me hungry. I think we might just hit one of the Mexican restaurants tonight. guacamole and margaritas!

  3. Girl, I'll take any excuse I can get for an avacado. And a margarita!