Friday, December 10, 2010

My Vacuum Cleaner Died

...seriuosly the thing just coughed up a big dust ball
and quit on me!
So now in the midst of Christmas shopping I find myself
checking out vacuums.
I simply must buy one soon, not only because
I must vacuum daily,
two cats and a dog make that a necessity,
but mostly because
I do not want my family deciding to buy me one
for Christmas!
I have a thing about getting appliances for any
don't ever want one for my birthday, anniversary
and certainly not for Christmas.
Seriously, if anyone ever finds me on the floor looking all
misty eyed over a vacuum
I hope they'll have the decency to put me out of my misery!

(disclaimer: I found this add on google quite some time ago
and had planned on pulling it out for just such an occasion
when of course I found it posted on someone else's blog!
So  I must give credit to 'Cozy Home Chronicles' at
She has posted some great vintage photos today so please
go and pay her a visit. I hope she doesn't mind my using this image.)


  1. I completely agree about not wanting appliances for gifts! I understand that guys like to get tools but we gals are different.

    My vacuum recently died, too. I wanted a Dyson but couldn't afford it so bought a copycat. So far I'm happy....and it didn't come with a gift bow!

  2. Oh my goodness glory...please go out and buy yourself a vacuum and nip any urges anyone else may get right in the bud!!!

    Besides every great chick need s good vaccum! (says the obsessively clean freak) It is as you know Deep Clean Friday! heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a stupendously clean weekend sweetie!!!

  3. Yes, and if you select one, you'll probably have what you want, too.

  4. I'm just like you, so help anyone who buys me an appliance for my birthday or Christmas! lol Hope you can find a new vaccuum you like. I'm in need of a new one, the one I have is a dinosaur! Yikes, hope no one has thought of getting me one for Christmas!!! lol xoxo

  5. Yeah I hate getting appliances for Christmas too.
    Hope you get the exact one that you want BEFORE Christmas :)

  6. So many women are with you on the whole, "getting an appliance as a gift" thing!!

    Oreck makes great light weight vacuums with power and reliability...and I have 5 dogs and 3 cats, so I know something about vacuuming! :)

  7. Great post -- my vacuum is also on the verge of a big, cloud of dust, death. Tell me which one you pick up and if you like it!!

  8. My sister-in-law loves her Fantom. It's a conveniently sized upright, lightweight.

    I'm with you re: no appliances , or kitchen gadgets also, for gifts for me. Haha...have fune getting out of the stores in time to relax:)


  9. LOL, I am so with you on the vacuum cleaner front... had to buy a new one last weekend and DH pretended to the shop assistant that it was my Christmas gift!! Poor woman looked at me so pityingly...

  10. Oops... meant to say I stole the image for my blog... so it is getting about!! ;)