Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Been A Very Busy Fall

Our youngest son Alex is in his Senior year of high school now and
that has kept us plenty busy!
We've spent the better part our fall weekends visiting colleges,
there have been applications filled out and mailed, essays written
and despite all of this my darling boy managed to get straight A's...
I am so proud of him!
His first choice is Penn State, it seems that he has been talking about
going to their University Park campus for as  long as I can

It's a beautifil campus in central PA and a very good school.
The home of the Nittany Lion. While we visited the campu we also
went to a game and were thrilled to be at Beaver Stadium
when Joe Paterno (head coach)
had his 400th win!
The stadium seats 110,000 and there were over 107,000
that day.
It was alot of fun visiting Penn State.
We also visited and Alex applied to
Delaware State University,

Towson University in Maryland,
Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove PA,
Bucknell University in Lewisburg PA and
Villanova University in PA.
Now we wait and see and apply for lots of scholarship
and grant money!
Thank goodness this is our last to go to college.
I wonder if they'll be anything left for us to retire on???


  1. Interesting times to have children heading off to college. Sounds as if you have a very bright young man there who'll earn a scholarship or two or more! All the best with the decisions you'll be making.

  2. Hi Diva, You must be very proud of him! What does he want to study?

  3. Hi Diva,
    Congrats to your son for managing his time to get straight A's and apply and write essays for college. Senior year is a very busy time!!
    My Alex is a freshman in college this year and is at the U. of Mississippi. He absolutely loves it and only has two more finals this week and he'll have completed his first semester. He's driving home on Saturday (9 hrs.) so I'm praying for good weather.
    Thanks for your continued prayers for Bruce and the family. The disease is progressing and although he can still walk it is with a lot of effort and only very short distances. His also has a much harder time catching his breath. He sleeps with a bi-pap at night and that has helped. His spirits are good and we all try our best to stay as positive as we can. We are enjoying every day that we have together!
    Thanks again for thinking of us.

  4. It's a gorgeous campus. I went to Penn State for a year in Happy Valley , USA! Do they still have the homemade ice cream place, High's?

    I was in the pre-vet program at the time.