Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spiritual Growth

     I'll be spending some time on my 'spiritual growth' today...heading out to meet with friends as we begin a new book study, "The Prayer That Changes Everything". There will be some women I know well and some 'sisters' I have yet to meet...past experience has taught me that when you gather a group of women for the purpose of learning more and connecting to our Lord that incredible things happen! Women are such strong, incredible, insightful people that when we gather we are capable of great things. We are a strong support system for each other, we speak the same 'language' and we rally around the ones who need us and get into action doing whatever we can to help the ones in need. We will be meeting weekly so I would like to offer to anyone in need of prayer the opportunity to share your need with me here or privately via my email link and I will take your prayer concerns to the group so that we may all pray for you, there is power in numbers! I realize that I am taking a risk here by possibly alienating some, but I sincerely hope not. My beliefs are mine and I am in no way criticizing those whose beliefs differ from mine, we each walk our own path and your journey is your own. Just wanted to offer the opportunity to help 'carry' whatever you may be dealing with.

                                                                Blessings to all of you!



  1. How sweet.

    I do have a prayer request. Jen, who's blog I follow, has a little friend name Kade. He was in an accident last week and he needs prayers. I think he is 11 or 12 and I believe he got hit by a car while riding his bike.

  2. You can pray for me. My faith is dry. Some things have happened lately that have left me feeling quite abandoned, and wondering....

  3. I like the idea and although I am not Christian, I believe in the power of prayer. So I wish you all the luck for your circle.
    I must be helpful to get spiritual support.

  4. I don't care what religion anyone is, I've always said that everyone needs prayers:-) Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort regarding my situation with my DIL, it truly means a lot to me. I've done all I can do for now so I will now leave it in God's hands. xoxo

  5. Your words are so true!

  6. hey Diva, Im a Muslim and yes I know the power of healing, I have experienced this power in my own life and Im blessed that I had a chance that my prayers were answered.
    but the power of praying in a group and discussing about the "Heavenly Father" is far more greater, when I think that Lord is not listening to me, then i offer prayer in a group.

    I have joined a community on internet .. its basically powered up by 'Christian cafe' so i will say that it's Christian community that I have joined. I joined it because me and my fiance had a troubled time, he wanted to go to Europe for higher studies but there were several obstacles.. our brothers and sisters [mind you, all being Christians]from all over the globe united with me to pray for my fiance better future! will you believe it, he got across every hurdle.. everybody prayed with me in 'Jesus Christ's name' i still cant hold my tears back but it was something i proudly say that Lord created us to worship him.. and any religion any sect cannot stop us to reach him.. My prayers were answered, prayers in group not only help but they give you wisdom.. it was then when i got to know that JESUS CHRIST holds soo much importance in a Muslim's life, because In the HOLY QURAN it's provided that Jesus Christ [Isa] will come on the Day of Judgement and will fight the "Ad-Dajjal- the False Messiah], it will be Christ who will show the non-believers the RIGHT path to the "Heavenly Father"...

    Im glad I am part of that site and I met such people! love you Naqvee from

  7. Hi Diva, Yay for this! I'm a member of a good sized prayer line and we do the same things. I get a lot of requests for prayer via email and I send them out to others on the prayer line. It's a wondrous and powerful thing, prayer is.

    My friend's daughter, Melissa, has stage 4 Non-Hodgekin's Lymphoma. She is a wife and mother to 3 small children. She has other complications as well and could use more prayer. Thank you for this offer. :)

  8. Diva, what a blessing you are to anyone who has come across your Blog. You are a special person for laying your beliefs out there on the table for all to see. I think your group will do wonderful things ~ you are right about power in numbers.
    I thank you for this beautiful post and for your offer of prayers for those in need.
    God Bless You, Diva.

  9. Diva,
    You are an awesome human being. I feel inspired by your words today and always. I've been reading some prayer books by Stormie Omartian and I like that the prayers in her book are the ones she uses in her prayer groups. I've got "Power of a praying mother" and "Power of a praying wife". Oh how I wish we lived closer and I could ask to join your group. I'm not so good these days about praying alone but I definitely believe that God is the reason for all the good things in my life now. Please put me in your prayers for my job search.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

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