Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrate Good Times !

   Well after reviewing my last few posts and noticing how serious they were I 've decided it's time for a little fun! So what are we celebrating you ask??? Why the fact that it's a beautiful day here in the northeast...the air is cool and crisp, you can hear the arrival of fall in the rustle of the leaves, even the birds' seem to be singing a different tune today, so why shouldn't I?
   I am celebrating the joy of 'meeting' so many remarkable women through this little blog of mine. You are all amazing, strong funny, talented women and you share your lives with those of us here in blogland. Some of you shares joys and others share sorrows or worries but you all share and that alone is reason enough to celebrate our sisterhood so here we go...
   I have decided to have a 'Giveaway', there I've said it! I've been wanting to say it but thought I needed a special occasion. Well I haven't reached any magic number of followers, no special number of posts and it's clearly not an anniversary. I'm having one simply because I want to and because I can! I'm almost giddy with excitement over this...can you tell?
   So if you are already a follower of mine you automatically get an entry (for believing in me enough to follow me). If you send someone my way and they post a comment you both get an entry, they have to be sure and tell me who sent them! Sounds easy enough doesn't it?
   So what is this giveaway  for you ask, well it's a surprise (mostly because I haven't really decided yet). Let it just suffice to say I love all things vintage, I love fabric and anything artsy and cute. I'm sure you'll be delighted when you win! I must say this is rather impulsive for me (not typical) and since I can't wait too long I'm going to pick a name by the end of tomorrow so you have to hurry! Let the party begin...

                   Hugs & Kisses


  1. Wow, what a fun, uplifting post! I'm ready to party and enter your giveaway, Diva. How sweet of you to want to give something "just because".
    If we all just stop for a minute and look around us, we all have things to celebrate each and every day. Thank you for taking the time to remind us to do just that.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Since I am a follower I am very excited about being entered in your giveaway! I enjoy reading your updates and agree that joining blogland has been a real joy. My husband and son don't always get my quirky little projects but there are so many people I have "met" with my blog that do. Have fun with your giveaway!

  3. Hi Diva!
    Thanks so much for the sweet blog message you left me. I'll be happy to follow your blog. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Diva!! Sorry it so long to join your blog since you've been so active in mine, which i thank you so much, your blog is wonderful!! I love this picture, i'm sure i'll be seeing/blogging more often!! Cheers and happy september ;)

  5. Hi Diva, thank you for posting this little surprise of yours. You sound like a very generous person, I'm happy to meet you. Please count me in.

    beth at barnowl studio

  6. LOve that old picture - such fun!

  7. What a great picture! and its always nice to kick back and have a little fun :)
    So glad you enjoyed your little postcards and goodies. I appreciate your sweet little note you left :)

    Have a good night!~

  8. I enjoyed your post very much. you did excellent job putting your thoughts to the vintage photo. Life is so short, we all need to celebrate our lives daily. I wish you well on your giveaway and future post. You will do fine and pick up lots of followers.

  9. Diva,
    Thank you so much for your idea for doing an Angel painting! I will really try to figure out a painting with that theme, and if it turns out good, I'll send you a print! Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment!

    XOXO Julie

  10. Hi Diva, I absolutely adore the photo at the head of your post today! PERFECT! We are a sisterhood, aren't we?

    I agree with what you said about never looking down without offering a hand up. I can honestly say I live it. I guess I'd have to generalize, about my post yesterday and other quotes,and say there are always exceptions and quantifiers in this life.

  11. Thank you Diva for visiting me the other day and wishing me a happy '1 Year'. Thanks for having the giveaway and how sweet of you for just giving...just for the sake of giving. Lovely!!

  12. What is it they say? "Where have you been all my life!" :) Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog...and for your kind words. I had never heard of Shark products before. I am loving this iron so much and am delighted to know others have had good experiences with that brand.
    I would love to join in your celebration and your generous "giveaway." I also think of doing one...and have not had the nerve to jump in.
    Thank you for the invitation!

  13. Hi Diva, such a lovely photo! And I just feel the same, blogging really changed my life!!! I never had any friends in oversea before and they are all so nice and funny, I really missed a thing!
    And: I can improve my English! very important!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment! xx

    Ah, a giveaway, I like surprises!!!- am I a follower, well I must look...will sign up now!

  14. I think a beautiful day and feeling connection is special occasion enough! thanks for stopping by my blog...and hi!

  15. Ohhh isn't that a fantastic picture?!?!?!

  16. You have a lovely blog...and the BEST pictures! I would have loved to be one of these women! :)