Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Journey

  Well they say that every journey begins with a single step so today I took that step! I'm not sure where I'm headed or who I shall meet along the way but I eagerly anticipate this opportunity to grow...funny how odd to say 'grow' when I say the word diet but that's exactly what I plan to do. I will be participating in 'The Joy Diet' with many great women under the direction of Jamie Ridler at . Now any of you who have ever visited Jamie's blogs or participated in 'Wishcasting Wednesday' know that this is going to be extraordinary!
  This is being done with a complete leap of faith on my part for I have not read the book and actually didn't order it from until this morning. So I may be running to catch up to the rest of the gals but that's okay, I can handle a short sprint. If you'd like to join in check out Jamie's blog or if you'd rather watch from the sidelines simply stay tuned to my blog as I'll be keeping you posted on our progress. On second thought, forget about the sidelines...jump in with both feet, the water's fine!!!


  1. oh how I wish I had been able to join in this.. but the book was very difficult for me to get. I tried to order it here at a few bookshops but the wait to get it sent here, it would not have arrived until late October!!
    so I started the Artist's Way instead..

    I sure hope I can join in Jamie's Next Chapter.. it is always fun!
    enjoy your journey and thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my journey xo

  2. I wish you luck on this newest adventure of yours! I tried the link, but got no joy! (no pun intended!!) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Best of luck, Diva. Please just remember that, if you don't change your lifestyle permanently, you won't change your present state....and, please do NOT:
    1. Lose more than 2 pounds per week. If you do, it's water.

    2. Try to keep pace with other people. If you do, it's discouraging.

    3. Be in a hurry to lose it. The quicker you lose it, the quicker it comes back...99% of the time, within 1-5 years.

    4. Follow a plan that you can't adhere to for the rest of your life. If you do, once you falter or return to real life eating, your body will return to it's set point....which is wherever you are right now.

    5. Skip any meals. Ever. It throws your metabolism off.

    I've got more to do's and to don'ts....if you're interested. There is a secret you know and I know the secret. And no, I'm not kidding. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to this JOY filled journey. The chapters are short - you'll catch up in no time!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I too would like to join in on this journey with the rest of you. I will order my book today also.

  6. Just stopped by to say Hi! I look forward to our new adventure into Joy. Have a great week.

  7. Best of luck with your new venture.