Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

Well it's another rainy day here in the northeast, it seems like we've been having April showers since...April ! I'm not just talking drizzle or cloudy days, I'm talking monsoon rains...the kind where you can'y even open your doors and windows. Everything is lush and green but if the sun doesn't come back soon we may never get outside to enjoy it all. Please someone tell me they've seen the sun...that it still exists and will reappear soon!

1 comment:

  1. "Divine intervention"...that made me chuckle. I know what you mean about sometimes needing inspiration to get back to what we love doing. I had taken a long hiatus from crafting, but blogging has gotten me back on track. I once joked in a post last year..."in a perfect world, all we would do is craft, create, and blog". Hee-hee! Nice to meet you.