Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...

Well I wasn't sure it still existed but our glorious sun made an appearance this morning! The forecast is for showers today so I'll be brief...I have to get out in my gardens while the sun is still here. The vegatables are growing, my herb garden has outgrown it's borders and my perrenial flower beds are in full bloom! I love my garden, it's my place to reconnect with the earth and to spend some quiet time with God. Oh don't get me wrong, I talk to God all day long but our time in the garden is special...there I can witness his glorious creations, watch the chipmunks, hear the birds many blessings. Thank you lord for all of them!


  1. Sunshine here today as well!!!! The garden is my favorite place this time of year. It's as if I sprout wings and flit right out the door! That is where all of my creative energy tends to go. We're working on our first vegie garden. Have plans for an herb garden. I'm a total sucker for the sunlight through the aspen leaves! Gets me every year!
    Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog!
    Big smiles!

  2. Always nice to talk to a fellow gardener...I have had a vegetable garden for many years and planted an herb garden 15 yrs're going to love it! I can just sit there and sniff all the wonderful aromas. If you can find any try planting pineapple sage...smells just like a lifesaver candy.

  3. Boy do I know what you mean. We finally have warm weather and sunny skies here in Coos Bay also. I am so glad to see it.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog about my Daddy.
    Stop by again soon.

    Oh and by the way, my oldest son is 45 and he is still and always will be my baby too. To us Mom's they will always be our babies.