Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Peek at Cabin Life

Just wanted to share a few more
photos of some of the wildlife
that we had the opportunity to enjoy
while at our cabin last weekend.

We love to sit up on the porch and watch the birds at the feeders.

We always get so many Goldfinches visiting.
They like nesting in the hemlocks that surround
our property.

The woodpeckers can be heard, their tapping echoing through the trees.

Each Summer the bluebirds make their homes in our boxes.

The robin likes to find a safe place to nest under the eaves.

We hang several hummingbird feeders on the porch.

They sound like giant bumble bees whizzing past your head.

Often we get lucky enough to see them still and
perching on the feeders.

Thought I would sneak in one of my husband
at the back door to the garage.
The stonework around the lower level of the cabin
was all found on our property and hand laid
by the original owner. A friend engraved the bear
on the header.

Hiking through the local forest is one of
our favorite pastimes.

Icey cold streams running through the
State Park provide a nice cold drink.

The foot bridges are maintained by the park rangers.

The bridge at Mifflintown.

Amish buggies share the roadways with the cars.

The quarry in Milroy is just one of many in the area.

Hope you enjoyed your visit through north central PA.


  1. It looks wonderful and about 65 degrees! LOL. It sounds like you had a great time.


  2. Thank you for letting us enjoy your cabin and the lovely area around it. I do hope I can get to your part of the world while I can still travel.I love the Amish country and the things they make.

  3. Green and cool and all that wonderful stone about. I just told Kim at Daisy Cottage that I would be a yellow finch, if I were a bird. That's because I couldn't remember "goldfinch." Sigh. It's getting scary.

  4. Wow! Armchair traveling with friends! :D :D

  5. My oh my what beauty. When I saw the Amish buggy it brought back sweet memories when I lived in Ohio. I lived just outside of a large Amish community and I loved it.

  6. Loved this post...take more photos....great job,

    kitsch n Stuff

  7. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! No wonder you like to spend time here, it's so peaceful, scenic, and soul-enriching.

  8. Oh, how beautiful! You must really cherish the time you spend looks so calm and serene. I just love the birds.

  9. I feel rested and relaxed just having looked at your photos! Love the birds, Diva! LOVE THEM!!!

  10. What a beautiful part of the country! All those birds!!! The scenery is so gorgeous. I remember having a road trip through that part of America and seeing the Amish, that was so fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing your travels with us!
    Just dropping by from Let Fly!
    Linda :)

  11. Oh my goodness ~ that looks like a delightful place to be. What a beautiful area. I have to admit to being a little envious of all the birds ~ hopefully my yard willsomeday be a place birds like to visit.
    The stone work is wonderful and I love the stream...the sound of them can be so relaxing!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  12. Fantastic. Always good to get a peek at other peoples lives and homes. Thanks.

  13. One of my favourite things to do is to sit outside on my deck early in the morning and just listen to all the birds around me:-) I love nature and always find it a shame when people start waking up and make noise! lol Loved all of your pictures, your cabin and area are so beautiful and peaceful. xoxo

  14. Wonderful, wonderful photos of the birds, Diva. I so enjoy them. Your cabin looks and sounds like a peaceful place to get away from the rat race!! I love woods and streams and nature. If only we could live in that atmosphere every day.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, Diva.
    ♥ audrey

  15. Beautiful! What a wonderful place to be. It has been so hot here, so that stream looks so cool and refreshing. Have a wonderful weekend! Jackie

  16. Oh peaceful and utterly lovely! Treasure this place, it is amazing...

  17. Hi Diva K, I was returning a comment you left with me on Sunday. Late huh? I started scrolling down and enjoyed all of your posts. Your cabin and photos are all good. I love that the stone was gathered from the property.

    Wishing you joy every day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  18. Love the picture of the buggy! Way cool. You take amazing pictures!