Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Local Farmer's Market

has opened up again for the season!
Each Wednesday local farmers set up
their tents or open up the back of their trucks
and come to our downtown area to
sell their goodies.

I bought some fresh peas,
not only are they delicious but taking
them from the pods always takes me
back to my was my job
to prepare the peas for dinner.

There are always several stands offering
fresh baked bread, so I had to buy some!

I bought fresh mozzarella from the cheese vendor.

Of course I had to stop and see the olive vendor
and buy some of those to go with the bread & cheese.

Some fresh bean dip found it's way into my bag...

along with some local honey,

and these fried plantain chips,
I swear I don't remember buying all of this :)

I was pretty hungry after the shopping
so I stopped at our local health
food store and had a bowl of
sweet potato soup for lunch, yummy!

Now I've got all this fresh food
and a full tummy so what should I make for


  1. your farmer's market looks like a great one!! i don't know which i'd go for first.....that bean dip or the fresh mozzarella.....oh, i'd probably just dive into both of them at the same time!! :))

  2. Yummy! I love the Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, it is getting hot here and the season is almost over!

  3. Now that looks like an awesome farmer's market. My little town holds a Wednesday farmer's market's nice but not like what you pictured. I'm hungry.

  4. LOL...been there and done that...well not yet for this season. I haven't checked out the farmers market around here yet, new to the area...but hope to become a regular soon.
    Loved the I am hungry!

  5. I'll take some!! I would love to have something like this in my town!!!

  6. What a blessing to have such a market. My budget would get tossed to the wind.

  7. You've got a really fabulous local farmers market! Everything looks so good! Don't you just love to snack on those raw, fresh little peas while you're shelling them?

  8. I wish I lived near a market like this. I love all fresh vegetables.

  9. Your local farmers market looks remarkably like ours....including the clock.

    I loved that last graphic, Diva!

  10. Jealous! It all looks so yummy! We have a local farmer's market too, but because of my work schedule I'm never able to make it.....

  11. Ohhhh I love Farmer's Market! Just looking at all this makes me want to go by some peas to shell or beans to snap! What beautiful memories fresh garden veggies bring back to me..I was always in the garden picking for my grandparents and my parents then I'd sit on the porch shelling peas..butterbeans or snapping string beans or shucking corn...wish I had spent more time in the kitchen learning to can all that good stuff! lol I want to thank you so much for coming by and for the encouraging really meant a lot to me...loved my visit here..can you tell I am grinning from ear to ear! Take care sweetie and have a fantastic day!!!! ~Picket~

  12. I want to live near you! That farmer's market looks fantastic!! We don't have any nearby. And I love fresh produce.

  13. Oh yummy... sweet peas!
    Such beautiful places you share~
    Thank you~

  14. Hello sweet lady...

    Mmmm...just visiting all of your photos of the farmer's market...makes me hungry! Hehe! It looks like you have a really nice one...we have a local farmer's market but they only offer a few common vegetables! I would love having the opportunity to buy fresh bread and cheese! Soooo yummy! Thank you for sharing your goodies with I think I need to go and prepare a little snack! Hehe!

    Well sweet lady, I just wanted to come by to say thank you for stopping in and taking a little peek at my lilacs and tea. I always enjoy your visits and sweet notes! Thank you!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. I just love going to a Farmer's Market, all that fresh produce and home baked goodness is the best:-) Our local one just opened up for the summer so I have to head out there soon. Until our veggie garden is ready, I buy at the farmer's market. When our garden peas are ready, I love to eat them right there and then after picking them, yummm!! What are plantain chips? Never heard of those before but they sure look delicious!! xoxo

  16. these all sooo good that it makes me feel like reaching in and taking some. Love those peas!!!!

  17. I'm moving to your town, Diva. It looks wonderful! :) I love summer, don't you? xox! Pam

  18. LoVe the field trip! I wish we had sunshine. Seeing your pictures has made me crave it even more. What a gorgeous Farmers Market! Thanks for sharing.