Saturday, June 5, 2010

I think I've Finally Caught Up...

                                   to the right day that is!
Somehow whenever we have a Monday holiday
it throws off my entire week and
I just can't seem to get back into a
normal rythym or routine.
I thought I might share some photos today of
one of my favorite places to antique in PA.

On the way to and from the cabin I try to stop
in at The Sledworks in Duncanon.
At one time this building housed the  factory
where sleds were built, you remember,
those wonderful wooden sleds with the metal
runners that we rode in the snow,
before they came out with those plastic things.
Now this old building houses dozens
and dozens of antique and vintage vendors.

Step in the front door and you are taken
back to a time long ago.
Anyone remember switch board operators,
how about party lines?

You'll need at least a couple of hours
to stroll through all the booths.

When you've worked up an appetite
head to the rear of the building
to grab a bite to eat at Jimmy's

This really neat old time restaurant

filled with old time memorabilia.

You can sit at the counter or at a table.

The food's good and the prices will take you way back.

If you are ever in the Hershey/Harrisburg area this is worth the stop.


  1. Yes! I definitely want to go sometime! My daughter and I love to go antiquing together and recently we went to a very large one in CT. We noted it would have been nice if the antique mall had a nice nook to take a breather and get a bite to eat.....Thank you SO much for this post!!

  2. I would thoroughly enjoy this place. Thanks for letting us go with you through your lens. I worked several years on a switchboard like this.

  3. Oh I'd love to go there! Jimmy's looks fantastic...a trip back in time. I'm going back to have a better look at the vintage tablecloths right now!

  4. Hi Diva - I am putting this on my list of places to visit on my next trip north. It is definitely my kind of place. :) Thanks for sharing this with us! xox

  5. Love the walk down memory lane. I have some pyrex like some of the ones in the picture. My best friend was a telephone operator back in the 50s. I loved drinking vanilla cokes at the drug stores.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. this looks so cool...different and interesting and I just noticed you have five sons. My best friend just had her fifth daughter. ☺

  7. Now that is my kind of place, all those treasures and the restaurant at the back:-) I would be spending quite a few hours there I'm sure! lol To think that I was near there about 8 years ago when a friend and I drove to Philadelphia and then New Jersey...we had gone to Hershey to visit the Hershey Park:-) xoxo