Friday, November 13, 2009

Victim or Hero???

    I can't tell you exactly where I came across this quote nor who the author is but the words resonated with me and I jotted them down while searching the web for something else. This memo note has been tacked up near my PC and I have stopped to read the words several times a day. I would like to share them with you, perhaps they will have an impact on you or someone you love.
 'What if the word victim could be redefined to mean hero, recognizing that the path some have tread will spare others from the same?'

   I would like to amend that to also include 'show others the way'. The word victim can conjure up many different images for us...someone suffering from spousal abuse,

or a child abuse victim, frightened by the very people who are supposed to protect and care for her.

Perhaps a victim is seen in the face of homelessness,

or starvation and poverty.

Perhaps we envision the face of someone battling cancer or other life threatening illness when we hear the word victim.
How about heroes, what do we think of when we hear about heroism?

Do we think of those who risk their lives to help others?

Perhaps we know heroes who fight to protect our freedoms...

or someone we admire for showing  strength and character.

Perhaps like many women we are waitng for our knight in shining...

to save the day!

   The above quotation gave me pause because the it blurs the line between victim and hero, they can be and often are one in the same. Those who have gone before us and have suffered through life's tragedies become our heroes when they share what they've learned, when they show us the way to navigate through the hardships. Some become our heroes by sharing a wisdom learned so that we may grow without falling and failing. I have come to know a great many heroes here in blogland and in my many of you have shared your stories and helped me to find my way as I deal with my sister's cancer. You have shared your life experiences to encourage me and others. When I have been unsure of my path, whether it be creative or spiritual you have shared your lessons. When you are unsure why you are going through an ordeal and if God is near, rest assured that he walks with you and that He sends angels in the guise of friends to help you to carry your load. To all of 'my heroes' I say thank you! You have all helped to make this journey I call life, bearable when it seems darkest and helped me to see the light in the joyful moments too.


  1. You are so right... and thank you for giving me perspective today!

  2. Diva,
    I enjoyed your post today. A lot of really good things to think about.

  3. What a great post. I can relate to alot of the abuse and sickness.

  4. as i read your post, i just felt compelled to put my arms around consider yourself hugged, sweet diva!! :))

  5. Diva, Another really well-written, strong hitting post! My gosh, you give pause for thought by sharing your truth and I'm continually uplifted and inspired. Keep opening up our eyes, minds and hearts! We all could use as much of that as we can get.

  6. Victim-hero--food for thought.
    I remember a young man who went into the surf to save a child swept away by a rogue wave--while the child was saved the young man died--so he became a hero and also the victim. So in a way we can all be the same--it is how we present ourselves. MB

  7. And Diva I am sure that as your sister is a hero to you, you are a hero to her.

    Wonderful post dear Diva.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. I have never thought about "victims" this way but you are absolutely right. This was a REALLY good post and you have given me much to think about. I so agree with you as well btw about blogland. What a wonderful world of encouragement and blessings the Lord has given to us with this. Have a wonderful week in Him, Debbie

  9. You have caused me to pause and think this through. I like that. I learn so much from thoughtful posts like yours. Thanks for pointing me to these heroes. Have a great week.

  10. WONDERFUL post Diva! VERY thought provoking - thank you for sharing! The pictures you have shared pull at my heart strings and seeing the soul shine out through the eyes of God's precious children should goad us all into action.
    Blessings to you,

  11. Such a touching post. Sending you a hug, and my thoughts are with you and your sister. xoxo Paulette

  12. Beautiful post and I truly understand and feel what you mean! Lori

  13. This is a beautiful post, Diva. Thank you!