Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bitter Sweet

  I must confess to being absent for the last few days, life gets busy sometimes...while I was away my dear friend PJ from 'Seens from the back of Eyelids' gave me this very thoughtful and sweet award. I am humbled by this and was not going to post about it, but that seemed ungrateful.
  Why would this be bitter sweet you ask? PJ recently suffered a big loss, her beloved father-in-law Scotty passed away and he had lived with her and her husband for quite some time. They had a special bond and in her posts PJ shared stories about the amazing love that surrounded them all in her home. She is one very special lady, always quick with a kind word and very supportive of others. She has been a great source of inspiration for me while my sister battles cancer. All the while she has carried her own burdens with grace and poise.
  I am relatively new to blogging but I think that somewhere out in blogland there must be an award for just such a person as PJ. She is witty and can make you laugh like no other. She is inquisitive and really makes us all think. She is kind and loving and has a heart that shares despite her own sorrows. PJ can ask the hard questions one minute and then share her faith and love of God the next.
  I wish I could wrap her in a big hug and ease the pain of this loss. She has written the most beautiful tribute to Scotty on her blog, such love, faith and devotion are rare and PJ is a shining example of all that is good in this world.


  1. I too have formed some amazing relationships online. Sometimes online hugs can comfort just like the real thing.

  2. How cool! Congrats on your award! :)

    (and welcome back!!)

  3. Hi Diva. I can relate with loss...., just lost someone close to me. Wish that every one could meet someone like you describe about your friend. Hugs can cure alot... My sympathies to you and your friend! Hope everything is okay, my thoughts and prayers are with you....

  4. Oh Diva, You made me cry - something I've become frightfully good at over the past few weeks.
    That is by far the nicest thing that's ever been written about me and, while I honestly don't stack up to it, it gives me something to strive for!
    Thank you so much for SHOWING us all the way, in thought, word and deed. Thank you for your kind words and, above all else, for your friendship.
    I miss Scotty. It's ridiculous to say because he was sick for so long, but I'm still in shock that he's gone. I seriously kept saying, "He can rally again, right?" Denial can be a safe haven sometimes.
    Daily prayers are being sent up for you and Ceil! xo

  5. Diva, I have made some really strong and wonderful friendships online, probably better than my real life friendships in many ways. I am not sure why that is, but I am very grateful for each and every one. Thanks so much for sharing this special friendship with us. I think it is when we are experiencing loss and pain that our friendships really help to support us in very wonderful ways. It is clear to me that you and PJ have a special relationship. I have been uplifting you and your sister in prayer daily. Hoping the chemo/etc. went well, or as well as can be expected. xxoo

  6. Sweet Diva I am sorry to hear of your friends loss.

    How are you dear heart and how is your sister?

    love Renee xoxo

  7. You have certainly found some wonderful friends, sorry to hear of her loss. I am sure your friendship is the best award she can have!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving nice comments on my blog! I really love to meet new friends and it is such a thrill to read all the comments.
    Margaret B

  8. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful person. I love PJ too! : )
    Sending up prayers for you and your sister.
    Mary Lou

  9. PJ's award is friends like you!!! hugs Julie

  10. Loss it seems all around me recently. It sounds as if you have had your share. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your sister. I'm sure it means so much to her that you are beside her along this difficult journey.

  11. PJ sounds like a wonderful friend and inspiration. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, i will keep you in my thoughts.

  12. Dear Diva
    Thank you so much for stopping by this weekend and taking the time to leave me such a wonderful comment. I REALLY was hit when you said "that while you may ask for be given forgiveness you can expect that you may always sense a 'scar' where that wound was. Let it serve as a reminder to where you don't wish to return."
    Thank you for that! I need to remember that I have been forgiven and those scars are there to keep me looking upward.
    Many blessings to you!!
    Chrissie Grace

  13. Have a good day sweet friend.