Friday, July 16, 2010


"So you've got a problem? That's good!
Because repeated victories over your
are the rungs on your ladder to success.
With each victory you grow in wisdom,
stature and experience.
You become a bigger, better, more successful
person each time you mend a problem
and tackle and conquer it with a positive
mental attitude."
(W.Clement Stone)
'With each victory you
come to trust in God's divine
plan for your life and that
He will see you through
each future challenge.'
(Diva Kreszl)


  1. Amen, my friend! Thanks for sharing this today. Hope your day is problem free!!

  2. Amen to all your words and thoughts.

  3. Now that's the best spin I've read on problems for a while!

  4. Well, I must be the wisest and most experienced person then! hehe How boring life would be if we had no problems:-) Seriously, though, I agree, I've always believed that God sees you through each challenge and that you learn from each one as well. xoxo

  5. I have a lot of rungs on my ladder! And you're right, each problem taught me something and made me a better person.

  6. I love the Kreszl quote. That woman knows a thing or two. :)

  7. Hi !!! Its been a while since I was here,,WOW.. How are you doing??? Love your post and thoughts..Hope you have a BLESSED week in HIM!!!
    Hugs Dena