Monday, July 12, 2010

MIssion Trip 2010

I spent the first day home doing 14 hours
 of laundry, Praise God for modern
We had record breaking heat in NH,
as did much of the nation, however
these folks haven't had temperatures
this high in over ten years so air conditioning
was not available at the middle school
where we stayed. Each day the temperature
rose to 95-99 degrees. That meant at least two
 changes of clothes daily hence
the huge pile of laundry.

We left on our trip a day early so that we could
visit Boston with our church group.
Fifty five of us, 45 teens and 10 adults
went on this mission trip.

We stolled through town admiring the architecture

old and new!

Our young people enjoyed the parks.

We even took a four hour boat ride to go whale
watching...and we saw alot of them!
After our little excursion it was off to NH...

The before pictures show that the owners
had made an attempt to paint their
home red (they used the wrong paint so we had to paint over it)
but were overwhelmed with
the task...this house was huge!

My crew and I spent the first day scraping, sanding
and replacing rotted clapboards.
By Tuesday we were on to priming.

I spent the entire week perched up on a forty foot
ladder, I quickly found out my crew had an intense fear
of heights! With a little encouragement I did manage
to get one young lady up on the 28 foot ladder.

The forty foot ladder was fiberglass and quite
heavy, very difficult to move, it required four of us
to move it around.

I had teens from all across the US and Canada
in my work crew.

This young man was from Prince Edward Island.

They came from Michigan, Massachussetts,
Syracuse, NY, NJ, CT, & PA.

As you can see they still found time
to get silly while working really hard!

There was another crew on site whose job it was
to tear down the old steps, build a small porch
and new stairs.

Here's the house almost finished.

Our crew's gift to the homeowner
was a new mailbox!
We did a pretty good job wouldn't
you say?

These are some of the children that
lived in that home.

This is my son's crew, they were on a different site.

They made a trip to Lowes for extra supplies.

Here he is making goofy faces :)

Here he is painting the deck and replacing shutters after
painting the house.
Looks like they are having fun!
Sorry that this is such a long post but it was a very
long week, hope you enjoyed the pics...
Now I have to get back to visiting all of you,
 I did miss my blogging friends :)

Hopefully I will get caught up soon!


  1. What a wonderful difference in that home! The homeowners must be delighted. And ohhhh, the heat was miserable and the humidity...ackkk. What a week to be out in it painting up a 40 foot ladder. May you be richly blessed!

  2. It looks like you worked hard and did an amazing job! The house looks great!!

  3. hi diva! it sounds like you had a very rewarding week!!! and wow, you all did a super job painting that house!! i'll bet that the owners are thrilled to have their home looking so fabulous.....with a new mailbox!! take a few days to do some resting (what wore you out more....the painting or the laundry?!! heehee). xox, :))

  4. You are one remarkable lady to take on a project like this with all those young people. What a great thing all of you did..You are to be commended for your time and the great job you did. Glad you had a safe trip and back to blog home.

  5. Hi Diva! I'm just pooped looking at the pictures. That heat must have been exhausting but it certainly looks like ya'll enjoyed yourselves. The home turned out beautiful. Many praises to you and so many young people for a job well done.

    Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway Sweetie. Rest assured your name is in the proverbial hat.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. Wow, it sounds and looks wonderful, Diva! But the heat.....working and sleeping in it! Oy.

  7. I'm finally finding time to visit, it's been a busy week with having to bring mom to visit Ross almost every day and bringing her to do errands. Today I'm staying home!! lol I think these mission trips are so wonderful and it really warms my heart to see so many young people get involved. I loved seeing all of your pictures and it certainly was a huge job painting that house, it's so big!! Bless your hearts, all of you, who participated in this trip. xoxo

  8. Sorry to be so late commenting. The heat has been terrible and it makes me sluggish. It looks like you had a very fun and successful trip.

  9. Great pictures. Great job. Looks like some fun was had in between the hard work.

  10. What a great post Diva! I can't believe that you all survived the heat in the MS where you were staying. WOW!

    I love New Hapshire:)