Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

         I have been praying for the people of Haiti since the news of this horrific disaster hit. It doesn't feel like enough, the relief effort seems to take so long, people are dying and injured, waiting for help that is slow to arrive. As the poorest nation in the western hemisphere it's own infrastructure cannot handle what needs to be done.

    I have been to Haiti and the poverty and need are so overwhelming that it breaks my heart. My mind now can scarcely wrap itself around the devastation I see on the news, they statred out with so little and now this. I shall continue to pray for there seems little else to do, aside from monetary donations and waiting for help to find it's way through the rubble.

    I shall look closely at the faces of this tragedy for they are my brothers and sisters, and they are in need of our prayers.

May God send his heavenly Angels to comfort and console His people in Haiti. May He enable His earthly angels to arrive quickly and may He give them the strength, wisdom and compassion to make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people. Through them may they see the face of Jesus.


  1. I am praying for the people of haiti tonight and will continue to hold those involved in my prayers.

  2. My prayers are with the Haitian people.

  3. Beautiful post Diva. I find that words escape me when I think of the tragic circumstances of these beautiful brothers and sisters of ours. I, too, uphold them in prayer. I have donated to the relief cause, but wish I could do more than I am able to.

  4. May He hold the suffering in the palm of His hand and open the hearts and purse strings of those who have.

    Please post about your experiences in Haiti, Diva!

  5. Praying for Haiti. I am so happy that so many countries are going there to help. Such an unbelievable tragedy in an already hurting country.