Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gift of Motherhood

   I can scarcely believe that my I gave birth to my first child 32 years ago today, not sure how that math is working out since I don't feel much older than that myself! In all seriousness though I could never imagine how this journey called life would play out back then, but I can tell you that being a mother has been my greatest gift and I cannot thank God enough for entrusting the care and raising of my sons to me.
  I was fairly certain back then at the ripe old age of 22 that I was prepared and could handle it, after all I watched my Mom make it seem like a walk in the park, right? No one prepares you for the fact that you will love these children more than you ever thought it humanly possible to love anyone. You are not prepared for a love so large that it is like having your 'heart beating outside of your own body'. Your joy, pain, accomplishements, growth, setbacks are so intricately intertwined with theirs that it's impossible to feel the difference between their emotions and yours. When they hurt you hurt, when they rejoice you rejoice.
   Despite the fabrics of your lives being so interwoven they grow up and you must let them. The fabric and seams must start to unravel a bit and you have to let them build their own tapestry. It is not always easy to let the strings unravel and to become part of another. While there are always common threads you must be careful to loosen your grip lest you pull too tightly and risk strangling them.
   So today I celebrate the bright sunshine that is and always has been my firstborn, Joshua.
with his brother Jason (son #2)

  with baby brother Alex     

     Now for all you new Moms out there, remember that it is normal to live through the 'terrible twos', the angst of adolescence, and the trials of young adulthood. You will both survive and you will be blessed as I have been with this wonderful adult who shares this wonderful connection called family. Josh is a wonderful man and I am so very proud of him but rest assured he will always be my baby!


  1. Happy birthday to Josh! What a handsome guy! All your boys are. :)) I know what you mean, it's shocking to look at them, all grown up - the time just flew by for me. But what a gift, isn't it? You done good, mom! xox Pam

  2. Diva,
    That was a wonderful post. You summed up motherhood beautifully.
    Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, I feel the same and yet it seemed like just yesterday when they were born..... time does pass too quickly!
    Margaret B

  4. Your song is such a handsome young man. Happy Birthday Josh.

    I so agree with you, motherhood is the most wonderful adventure. My girls are nineteen and twenty-one. I started late, my first at 39 and my second at 42. Letting go is difficult, but to stand and watch them bloom into adults is lovely. I loved all of the chapters and I can see the best is yet to come.


  5. What a lovely tribute to your son. You are blessed having such a good one. I have one as well. I am sure all mothers think theirs is is the best, but I really do have a fine fellow. However, he is 59, but still my only son. We are fortunate, as I know so many families that cannot say this.

  6. you always express yourself so beautifully, diva!! we celebrated our daughters 30th at the end of october.....oh, i can hardly believe it! and you are SO right.....she'll always be my sweet baby girl!! xoxo, :)))

    happy birthday, josh!!!

  7. Diva amor, what a lovely tribute to your son and other children! Happy Birthday to Josh! :) I really loved this daughter turned 19 in Nov..and she is still torn between wanting to be a grown up and our lil child :) For all of her teen years she called me MOM or ama but no more know what..after she turned 18 and wasn't around all her friends all the time...I am now again Mami :) I act like "ohh now I am mami.." but you pulls on my heart and at that moment I see my lil bebe girl again :) Thank you for giving me hope of things to come! Congrats to you for such a loving beautiful family! Besos, Rose

  8. Happy Birthday to Josh!! I know what you mean about not believing you have a son that age, I tell my boys that it's not possible since I still feel so young! lol It is indeed hard to let them go live their own lives but all we can do is hope that we instilled good qualities in them and that they do the right choices on their own:-) xoxo

  9. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH! He's so handsome! This was fabulous and inspirational - like always!

    Isn't it hard to believe our kids are getting older and we can remember 17 or 25 as though it was yesterday?

    I don't know how you did it with 3 boys....boys are tough. I don't know how your mother made it look like a walk in the park either. You and your siblings must have been at least fairly well behaved.

    I had doubts about my capabilities going into motherhood and I still have the doubts about how I did today. It was all like flying by the seat of my pants.

  10. Happy birthday to your gorgeous son. They are all so handsome Diva.


  11. what a lovely tribute to your son. what fine young men you have grown. thanks for the reminder that this time will end, it is a reminder to cherish them now while they are young. Good words


  12. Happy belated birthday to your son Josh. It looks as if you have an entire family to be very proud of. Job well done I must say!!!!

  13. Diva, thank you for stopping by. My heart is bursting from all the lovely comments you have left me. Thank you for making my day and giving me happiness.

    You love for your son shines through. The love only a Mother can know. I remember feeling the same way when they handed me my son. What a blessed miracle. What handsome boys you have, (they will forever be a bit of a boy to us, right?). I never think of you being able to have a child that old. My only child, Ty will be 31 this year so were pretty close there. I was 19 when he was born in 1979.

    Thanks for sharing & thanks for visiting. Hugs...Tracy :)

  14. I'm about mid way through the child rearing process:)) Some days I want to rent a UHaul and move away until they're 18 but overall, I really count my blessings every day. Being a mother is a special gift.

  15. I have 3 sons and 3 brothers :)
    They are something to be proud of! I can't imagine daughters (which is what I thought I wanted LOL...God knew best as always :) Lesson learned!