Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have You Got Mail ???

Now I must admit that my mailbox always has something
waiting for me at the end of each day,
granted it's usually junk mail, bills and an occasional
magazine, but I still love to check it.
Mail delivery has changed a great deal over the years...

from the early Pony Express days to
the more efficient and speedier delivery we are
currently used to,

and everything in between.
My fondest mail memories are those of my
childhood, when you would eargerly await
the mail's arrival hoping there just might be
 something for you
(maybe that secret decoder ring you mailed away for).

I am as guilty as most these days and do
most of my bill paying online and much of my 
correspondence is via email,
 but I still
enjoy sending out Christmas cards,
Birthday greetings and of course
Valentine's cards.
I am overjoyed when I actually recieve
a note from a friend or card from
a loved one in my mailbox so I plan on joing
with Suzanne over at 'Colorado Lady'

in her year long challenge to send
at least one handwritten  piece of mail
out to a friend each month.
Hop over to her blog to read all the details
and join us before your mailbox starts
to look like these...
sadly neglected and under used!
I happen to have a 'mail lady'
She's a real sweetheat and always gets
out of her truck to bring me my mail when it
won't fit in my box
(none of those pick up at post office notes for her).
So in order to insure her job security I'm taking
on this challenge, if you'd like a piece of snail mail
from me simply email me your address and I'll put you
on my list!
Here's hoping your mailbox is filled
with lovely letters and less junk!


  1. What a nice idea! Hope that you enjoy this challenge very much and I hope that we'll hear more about it.

  2. Terrific idea! In fact I just sat down and wrote out a note to a friend after reading your post. I came back to comment now.

    PS - love all the pictures you used here.

  3. I found you through Janet, and I love this. Mail is one thing that always makes the day better!

  4. hey, girl!
    i am sooo bad about reading blogs - i have entirely too many on my blog list and even though i could do one or two a day, i never seem to make the time.
    one thing i do love doing is sending birthday cards and surprises to my friends (of which you are one - now, do I have your birthday?? i have your address, or should, but not sure i've got your birthday - cough it up!)

    i think this is a fabulous idea - it IS so much fun to get a card or note in the snail mail. I feel very special to have been the recipient of two of your wonderful notes:)

    AND, (i really should email you) i'm coming to new york this close???:))

  5. Hi Darling Diva! Thanks for visiting Ill be emailing you tonight! Love the photos on this post, just awesome! Have a Happy Day Blog Friend!

  6. I love getting mail, too. It's one of the best things about the holidays, the cards and packages that come in the mail. I still send cards to friends, but I could do a lot more! :) I can't remember the last time I mailed an actual letter. It was years and years ago! xox Pam

  7. Yes, indeed the mail service has changed. It tends to be getting worse around here. I am like you, I look forward to getting the mail each day. I was the one to walk to our rural mail box when growing up, and guess it stuck with me.

  8. I still have to walk up the street to go get my mail as we have "community mail boxes" and even though it's mostly bills I receive these days, I still enjoy going for my walk and seeing if there are any surprises waiting for me:-) At one time I used to have over 100 pen pals and it was nothing for me to find 10-15 letters in my mailbox every day. After 20 odd years of penpalling I finally stopped due to the cost of rising postage and getting a computer! lol I still love sending out birthday and Christmas cards though:-) xoxo