Saturday, February 14, 2015

Finding Love

           Today is Valentine's, a day that carries so many expectations. We heap our longings and heart's desire onto this poor little day. If we are in a new love relationship we are giddy about the prospect of showering and receiving expressions of love. If we are alone we rue the day and it's reminder that we find ourselves unattached. As women we may have come to expect grand gestures from our love and are disappointed when our expectations are not met. I imagine many men find themselves stressed at trying to find the right gift to meet the demands of the holiday. We expect so much from this one little day.
          Maybe it's because as I have grown older I have matured or maybe it's because my husband and I are nearing our 24th anniversary this spring that I have come to believe that love can not be relegated to one day a year. The card that was lovingly selected, the beautiful bouquet that is given or the jewelry and candy that have come to symbolize love are sweet gestures but not what love is really about.
          Love happens in the everyday, the small moments, the day in and day out routines. Love is expressed with a good morning kiss, preparing a meal, creating a home that provides a sanctuary at the end of a long day. It is in the seemingly simple gestures, the ones that often go unacknowledged.
          My husband shows me his love by taking care of my car, stocking the woodpile for our fireplace, shoveling the snow so I don't have to. Most recently he picked me up at the airport and had a picnic lunch waiting for me in the car. He knew I was coming in without having eaten and didn't want me to go hungry. Sometimes when I have taken a weekend retreat I will find a card tucked into my suitcase, a simple reminder that he will miss me while we are apart.
          We demonstrate our love for each other in showing love to our children. As a blended family loving all of our children is a gift we give daily, can there be anything more important to a parent than to know their children are loved and appreciated? We work side by side to create a loving home, a place for gathering with those we hold most dear. We cook together and for one another to nourish our bodies and our souls. The simple acts of creating a life together are how love is demonstrated, daily.
         Maybe you don't have a husband, wife or life partner, you have friends, family, children, grand kids. You have an opportunity to express your love to them every day. Embrace those moments for they can bring you great joy if you are willing to see beyond the boundaries of this one little day. Go head and enjoy the love holiday, just remember to celebrate love everyday, in all those small ways!